It's called sailing, but I don't know what's happening.12
I hope so. I wanted to pick up some new clothes on Lunar Isle next time we went back.11
Quick answer: No.8
None at all - you thinking of making some?5
Absolutely nothing. Sorry.3
Really. And?2
No, that's what I was asking you.2
Well what did you want to know?2
Maybe you'd better go think about it then.2
What jinx?1
Ah, good day to you milady! Your face is unfamiliar, did you perhaps join us aboard the ship at Lunar Isle?1
Oh, really? You don't look like a Fremennik to me!1
Sorry I don't have time to hear it then! See you around young fremennik-who-is-not-really-a- fremennik!1
Sorry, I've never spoken to the man.1
Dunno. Sorry.1
Yeah, don't scratch your nose with an axe.1
Well if you don't want my advice...1