Aye, ter be sure!167
The Moon Clan yer say? Ah, well I dinna know much about them folks, when everyone else went to that there big old feast I stayed aboard the ship...163
Wussat? Some kind of alkyhol? If'n it ain't grog, I don't be stocking it!161
Aye, that yer may, long'n as yer don't mind me carrying on with me restockings while we talk.161
Sorry, the galley's closed fer restockings! Yer'll hafta come back later if'n ye be wanting food!160
I gots ter be honest, I never trust any food I ain't prepared meself!131
Ah, it be you agin, what can i do yer for?7
All the pirates cept'n me yer mean?7
What did yer want ter know abaht it?7
Yer wants me ter be telling yers all about a feast I wasnae even at?7
I thinks yer need to be laying off of the old alkyhol, mate.7
A jinx yer say? Wassat, some kinda fancy foreign vegetable?6
All vegetables are evil if you ask me!6
That's right then, we'll hear no more about evil foreign vegetables.6
Or evil domestic vegetables.5
Aye, if'n yer say it's true then it must be!5
%USERNAME% yer say? Aye, well I guess that they must be if'n that's what ye're telling me there.5
Or vegetables at all! Death ter vegetables!5
Did we? Ah, sorry ter say but I missed the whole thing, I've bin a mite busy down here in the ole galley.4
Aye, I've felt like that me whole life ter be honest...4
Aye, that'll be fer the best whipper-snapper, if'n ye be wanting any food cooked at all.4
My speciality! What else could I be cooking?3
Boiled shark guts with a hint of rosemary and a dash of squid ink.3
Your loss!3
The galley ain't open fer food yet whipper-snapper, ye'll hafta come back later if'n ye be wanting food.3
Aye, ter be sure, yer yella-bellied land-lizard!3
I knew he was up to no good.3
Ter be honest, I don't remember much of what happened terday, let alone stuff that happened awhiles back2
Well done!1
Aye? Well yer best be speakin' ter him 'bout that then.1