I suppose. Knock yourself out.1,069
Don't patronise me.1,066
It is! And it's an honest living.1,065
How dare you! I'll have you know that the job of a banker is far more exciting than that of a pirate!1,062
Why, you have a problem with it?1,058
Er. Yes it is.1,056
Better than yours.1,054
That I do. But I must say you seem quite familiar too.1,052
How dare you! It was a jinx.1,052
Accusing me of navigating in circles!1,050
Why! You're that insolent fool who insulted my navigational skills!843
I was tired of looting and hunting for treasure. It was time to turn my life around.823
I suppose you had better take this chest to carry his stuff. Don't want you losing any of it.803
Oh, behold the great adventurer %USERNAME%. How the world would crumble without him.692
Okay. You best help him quickly or else I'll be after you!380
Oh, behold the great adventurer %USERNAME%. How the world would crumble without her.363
What are you doing here, Fremennik?!131
No you do not! Begone!118
How's Cyrisus? Where is he?114
Good, I'm pleased.103
Don't think that this means I like you now!96
Yes? What about it.90
Not really.88
This is a branch of the Bank of Gielinor. We have branches in many towns.25
We will look after your items and money for you. Leave your valuables with us if you want to keep them safe.23
Ah, I would if you had any space.10
Well, I don't suppose it would be a problem to give you another. Here you go.8
Ah, you can't unless you have the chest.7
So was that armour any good?2
Good job!2