Why, thanks.1,187
Always glad to help a budding builder.1,185
Bingo! Okay, now what takes 3 planks, 3 cloths and 3 nails to make, and helps remove light from a room?1,140
Nice one. Last question: I like fish and I want to put some in my garden, but I need a special water feature. What materials would I require?1,092
That's it!1,061
Erm, no, that's just, erm, paint. Yes, paint! That's what it is!1,057
Ha, gullible fool.1,028
But first, prove your Construction knowledge by answering some questions.818
How many nails does it take to make a rocking chair?811
You seem to know your stuff. I got a spare helmet from a builder that died on... I mean, err, had to leave the job for greener pastures.810
Ah, we be building this 'ere tower. Lookin' good ain't it?52
Tea break, naturally.50
Fancy some?50
You'll find a kettle in the box to the-47
Of course, because that's what everyone needs - a rug up at their window.27
Nope. Keep guessing!20
Oh, and you were so close!17
One? How do you suppose to use a single nail?13
Those curtains are not going to be in any way opulent, matey.12
Why, thanks. Some would say as nice as the one you're wearing!8
Yes - just as nice as the one you're carrying I'd say.7
Thank you - just as nice as the one in your bank!7
Guess again, babe.6
Guess again, mate.2
Yes, it is.2
Well I am so very pleased!2