It's alive!673
I can almost taste the riches!595
Arrghhh! Have mercy!556
Many hours we have worked!525
Excellent, it can feel! It's self-aware. This is really a great day.510
Silence, creature!489
The creature must be grateful for his creation.484
You should be satisfied and leave. Then we can begin our experiments.454
Run away!453
Yeah, it cost a fair bit.39
Well, I had to 'alch' a fair few belongings of my fellow alchemists to afford it.36
Everyone loves someone that can create money.35
It'll be alright; it just needs a pat on the back.7
Yes, if by interesting you mean lazy, slow and worthless.7
Nope; you?5
Excellent. So we can go back in.4
Has Effigy told you?4
Then I'm afraid I can't say.4
Hey, while you're there, could you lend us a few coins?4
Afraid not. You?3
That's down to my interest in all things of monetary value.1
Very good.1
Could you do us a favour?1
Could you ask it a question?1
Does it have any spare cash?1