Well, I suppose so... But for them to curse our entire boat?148
Oh, yes. But they would have to be a very magical and very evil person to risk the lives of an entire ship over some trivial matter.145
But then there is the other kind of jinx, the even worse kind.144
Ah, well now. When you're on land, bad luck can be an annoyance, and possibly even bring you grief, but it is rarely deadly.144
Ah, well they take many forms.141
A jinx you say? Argh, those are evil things!139
But at sea! With nothing saving you from the cold murky death of drowning except the wood below your feet?121
Somebody from the landing party must have done something highly offensive to them at the feast for them to place such an evil enchantment that risks the lives of the entire crew.120
It is a curse put upon someone, often attached to an object of some kind, and it is done deliberately, so that misfortune will always follow the owner of that object.119
A jinx on land may fall over tree roots, or lose their coins down a drain, or some other irritation.119
Sometimes it will just be a person with such staggeringly bad luck that everything they do or say invariably leads them into trouble and commotion, through no fault of their own.117
Everything they touch will always bring them misery, and everything they think they have achieved will always end in disaster.116
remove the jinx from the ship as soon as possible. Dead or alive.116
Or casting some kind of anti-curse magic upon the jinxed item might work, but to be honest, throwing them overboard is quicker.116
Why, jinxes can kill not just you, but the entire crew of a ship! They are an evil thing indeed, and the only thing you can do to save yourself and your crew is to forcibly113
See what?14
Can't say that I did, no. Sorry, I was keeping an eye out.14
Um... Sorry, I can't really say, but I'll know it when I see it!14
Really? Seems strange to me, I made a point of watching our course last time we sailed, and we didn't deviate at all, but somehow ended up back here.7
No... I'm not so sure about that...7
No, I'm afraid I have no idea. I guess it must have happened when we were all on shore leave, but I honestly don't remember much about it...6
Well, we're something of a mixed bag around here as I'm sure you've noticed, but...6
Sorry. Nobody springs to mind.4
All sorts! Hide and seek, pin the patch on the pirate, walk the plank!3
Well of course, but where's the fun without a few deaths?3
Not really, just those creatures on the island. Don't worry, we sent some men out there to deal with them.3
The captain said we might have a barbecue out there later...3
You obviously haven't met the cook yet...3
Hi. How's the search for the jinx going?2
Well, if you think it will help I can tell you everything I remember about the feast...?2
Well now, let's see...2
I recall that we all headed onto the island as we were due shore leave, and the Captain had arranged a big feast with the Moon Clan so that we could kick back and relax.2
I think we were all there, but we had a table to ourselves where they just brought us food and wine all evening.2
I remember Beefy the cook was being a bit of a killjoy and had stayed on board the ship, and the Captain was having some fancy meal with the Moon Clan toffs, but I'm pretty sure the rest of us were all at the meal...2
Anyway, spirits got a little high later on after we'd finished eating, and I remember Tommy Two-times got out his old fiddle, and we sang and danced all through the night until daybreak when we made our way back2
aboard the ship, and set sail.2
No, not at all! A couple of charming Moon Clan members came over and danced along with us!2
Well, I wish you luck, because it is very unnerving to think that I'm sailing on a cursed ship!2
I knew he was up to no good.2
Davey-boy? What do you want to know about HIM for?2
No, he was there, I distinctly remember him telling me to slow down on the drinks in case I made a fool of myself.2
We're talking about the same Davey-boy here?2
I don't believe it of him. Honestly, I can't say I like the man, but he has integrity.2
He would never knowingly do anything that might hurt this ship or her crew in any way.2
Again, I doubt it. He is a very cautious man, often thinking ahead of what consequences might arise from any given action.2
I suggest you speak to him about this, because I cannot for one second believe he has had anything to do with it.2
The things that make him a very boring human being are what makes him a superb first mate.1