No problem.272
That I did. I don't think he saw me see him leave, but it was definitely him.259
Other than the First Mate, no I didn't see anyone slip away from the feast.254
Well, we were all in high spirits, but I certainly didn't see anything like that going on.248
Aaaahhhh yes.... I was quite taken with their hospitality!247
I doubt anyone else saw it, he just slipped away in the midst of the festivities.204
I watched him head towards our ship, and he came back, oh, I don't know, twenty minutes later or so.183
Hello there.19
That doesn't sound like anyone on board...13
No, sorry.13
We may be pirates, but we're all surprisingly well- mannered!10
I don't deal with gossips.9
I have no idea! It doesn't normally do that!6
What? Why? Because I said I saw him slip away in the middle of the feast?6
A jinx, you say? My my my, it's been a long time since I've heard of one of those...5
I'm afraid not, but I hope you find it. They're evil things, especially on a boat.5
Really? Then you had best speak to him about it.5
I said I saw him slip away, but I don't believe he had anything to do with whatever angered the Moon Clan, if that's the lead you're chasing up.5
I have no idea. Maybe you should ask him.5
Best you go talk to the captain then.3
Well, at the moment it mostly involves being asked random questions by a stowaway.2
Oh, sorry, my mistake then.2
You must admit you do look a lot like a stowaway though.2
Erm... I've never actually met one...2
Hello to you too.2
Please don't talk like that, it is extremely irritating.2
Also, please don't call me a lychee, whatever that may be.2
Hey, whatever pal. Just make sure the captain doesn't catch you, pirates don't like stowaways much.1
Hey, whatever love. Just make sure the captain doesn't catch you, pirates don't like stowaways much.1
Good luck, tis a wierd place for sure!1