Heavens, no! Just because I'm a pirate doesn't mean I don't treat all cultures no matter how different with the utmost respect!7
Nope. Sorry.7
Oh man, that feast totally RAWKED!5
Oh man, like you WOULDN'T BELIEVE!5
No way man, I know when enough's enough.5
No, I have to say everybody was surprisingly well behaved considering it was our first shore leave in quite a few months!5
Woah! Did you see that crazy trip?3
I dunno, but I'm keeping out of it. I don't want anyone blaming me for it!3
Why would you be after one of those evil things?3
Gosh, I hope not!3
Hello to you.2
Hmmmm? What makes you say that?2
Really? Well, he must have had some official business to do.2
Trust me, that guy? He wouldn't do anything to harm the ship or it's crew in any way.2
Honestly. I suggest you go and speak to him, I'll bet you anything he has a good explanation.2
I knew he was up to no good.1
Well done!1
Aye, let the feasting begin!1