It can talk! A real success.661
At last! Our work is complete!608
Long time indeed!607
Oh no, look!549
Yes, it's just an experiment in alchemy.492
Get out of the tower before it's too late!466
Ah, this be the Tower of Life! Beautiful, isn't it?25
Pah, you have no taste.22
Why, thanks. You'll find various pieces of machinery to fix in there. You can no doubt find the materials in there, too.6
That too.5
The head builder?3
Well, the builder's hard hat MIGHT be a clue.3
Simple. I like to turn things from one form into another. You've heard of the principle of equal trade?3
No, no, no. As in everything is made of substance. You simply have to know what ingredients you need and how to combine them, then you can make anything, though you can't make something from nothing.3