Congratulations, traveller!3,495
Greetings traveller.2,081
Here you go.1,448
I must say, I despise the equipment you have chosen to wear.1,364
Ok, I see you are someone suitable for our order. You may join.984
Only members of our order can go up there.948
I'm sorry but only members of our order are allowed in the second level of the monastery.242
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!130
No. I am sorry, but I feel you are not devout enough.92
We like it that way actually! We get disturbed less. We still get rather a large amount of travellers looking for sanctuary and healing here as it is!89
Ah, I was told to expect you, please take this as thanks!88
Ooh, let's have a look... Oh my... I've only heard stories of these.5
I can combine these if you'd like? It will cost you 1,500,000 coins each.5
Gosh, you are very kind to bring a message to my remote monastery!4
Allow me to bestow on you Saradomin's blessings...3
I expect so, but I'd need the materials.2
I don't have much in the way of wealth, but I can spare you a few coins for your trouble.1