I'm afraid I can't let you use my scrying ball now, dear. Clear out everything you're carrying, and make sure you're not sick or poisoned.652
What can I help you with, dear?512
I'm Abigaila, from Morytania. It's a terrible place, run by the vampyres. They visit the towns and collect everyone's blood for food!265
I tried for years to escape, with my son, Suro, to make a better life for ourselves in Misthalin. I scraped together enough money to bribe a boatman to get us out.251
It was dark, and I couldn't find Suro in the water. I swam as deep as I could, until my lungs screamed, but I couldn't find him. He wasn't good at swimming.247
The journey was tough. Some men in pink hoods attacked our boat, shouting at us to go back where we belonged, and to keep out of their country. In the struggle, the boat overturned.243
Eventually I got myself to the shore. The sun was rising, and I found Suro there. On the shore, where the water had dumped his... body.232
I've done alright in Misthalin, I guess. I know a bit of magic, and the local gentry pay me well for my scrying skills. I'm good at turning a profit on Grand Exchange trades too.230
I am free!223
But I haven't forgotten my people in the east. There's one vampyre there who runs a place she calls the Theatre of Blood, challenging humans to face monsters in her arena.214
My husband went there, trying to win freedom from the blood-gatherers by surviving her arena, but he never returned. No-one does.214
So now I pass my spare time scrying on the Theatre of Blood, watching other adventurers there. You can have a look, if you like.206
Anyway, I'm able to rent a room in Lumbridge, and to buy food. I'm not being a burden on anyone, and there are no vampyres coming for my blood.202
Anyway, I'm able to rent a room here, and to buy food. I'm not being a burden on anyone, and there are no vampyres coming for my blood.14
I'm afraid something's blocking my magic, actually.2