Hey there adventurer. I am Gordon, the Account security tutor. I can help you with anything account security related, would you like to know anything?216
Is there anything else you would like to know?124
The Stronghold of Security can be found in the Barbarian Village, west of Varrock.67
Here you will be tested on your knowledge of account security. You will need to make your way to the bottom floor while answering question on account security and fighting monsters.57
If you do manage to make it to the end of each floor, you will be able to loot the chest for some loot. But only once per floor.54
Be aware, the deeper into the stronghold you go, the tougher the monster will be. So make sure you bring your best equipment and some food.54
If you decide to kill the monsters, you might find they drop some skull sceptre pieces.53
Ah, you're probably talking about my twin brother who works at the Port Sarim prison.44
I can see you have not visited there before. You should talk to Count Check about the stronghold, he will be able to send you there. But only once.42
Well yes, but at least I tell you about account security as well.42
He spends all his time giving out security books when he could tell you about security instead.41
Sure thing, here you go.27
There are many ways you can strengthen your account security, which would you like to hear more about?26
Use it well.18
Come back any time you need any more information on account security.15
The RuneScape authenticator will provide your account with another layer of security against hijackers who might want to steal your account.10
You can enable the authenticator by checking your account page on the official RuneScape website.10
Your password is the first line of defence in keeping your account secure.9
For extra security, you should make sure you use a different password for your account and email.8
If you would like more information on keeping your account secure, I can take you to a helpful web page if you would like?6
Is there anything else you want to know?6
If someone does get into your account, you should make sure your bank is secure.5
To keep your bank secure, you should make sure to set a bank pin. A bank pin is a 4 digit code you will need to put in to access your bank.5
As well as requiring a password to enter your account, you will also need a randomly generated number from the authenticator app to login.5
If you like, I can take you to a useful web page about the RuneScape authenticator.5
When choosing a password, make sure to keep it unique. You can do this by using a mix of letters and numbers. You could even use numbers in the middle of your password.4
You should keep your password safe and tell no one. Not even your friends or family.4
Make sure you use a separate password for your email account. This will help boost your security and make it less likely for hijackers to steal your account.3
This could be done through an authenticator app supplied by your email provider, or it could be done using your mobile phone number.3
Good on you lad! Great work.3
To setup a bank pin you will need to visit any bank where you can find a banker. You should then speak to the banker and ask them about setting up a bank pin.2
You should also enable two-step authentication on your email account, if your email supports it.2
The type of authenticator changes based on provider, but when active, hijackers will find it hard to access your account. Also, if you get any backup codes, keep them safe.2
After the bank pin has been set, you will need to wait a few days for the pin to take effect.1
You already have one, maybe you should read that one instead.1