~ This person doesn't make any sense at all. ~397
I couldn't do it alone, I'd need a few expert artisans to help with the construction. I'd also need a good supply of limestone bricks, swamp paste and timber beams. Thankfully Razmire stocks all these items. (Sigh)25
That's up to you my friend! I once heard someone say that making your own decisions is the only real freedom you have. Exercise your freedom my friend, while you still can.25
I'm a man of faith...that's all I know. Sometimes I feel that we should experiment with the sacred and the holy, not just the crude matter we find around us everyday.24
You won't! It's a pagan secret lost a long time ago. Normally I would try to bless some commonly found vegetable oil, but I'm so weak from this illness that I know I just won't be able to do it.22
Huh! I used to joke with Herbi Flax that if 'Flaemtaer temple' was still standing, we could practice some ancient pagan rituals and incite the sacred flame! Huh, I'm not surprised that he never took me seriously!22
The serum is a product of science. Herbi was a clever man to have made it, but he didn't integrate anything from the spiritual world into his work - and for all of his hard science there is still something missing.21
Hmm, interesting question. It is an ancient pagan temple referred to as Flaemtaer. I've studied it quite a lot, one day I hope to be able to rebuild it, who knows what ancient power it could unleash?20
wot's 20
ughugh 19
Quite right...I was thinking that a holy cremation would do the trick, but the funeral pyres need specially prepared 'pyre logs' - normal logs that have been treated with 'sacred oil' to give it a nice holy touch.18
Great! Well done my friend!18
says 18
mee's 18
The shade remains are made of a strange substance which I've not come across before. I believe we should put these tormented spirits to rest.16
nots 15
seysyi 15
knows'is 14
sfriess 12
pirsl 11
zurgle 10
Oh yes, that would be interesting!9
gurghl 8
says wot's 6
knows'is mee's 5
wot's wot's 4
knows'is gurghl 4
ughugh gurghl 4
Oh yes, well, that's very nice.4
wot's sfriess 3
wot's seysyi 3
nots says 3
pirsl sfriess 3
wot's zurgle 3
gurghl sfriess 3
ughugh sfriess 3
sfriess wot's 3
wot's pirsl 3
seysyi says 3
nots nots 3
nots mee's 3
ughugh knows'is 3
knows'is nots 3
says pirsl 3
nots pirsl zurgle 3
says pirsl ughugh 2
says nots 2
says mee's 2
wot's gurghl 2
gurghl zurgle 2
wot's says 2
wot's knows'is 2
knows'is mee's mee's 2
ughugh seysyi 2
gurghl wot's 2
pirsl ughugh 2
zurgle zurgle 2
ughugh zurgle 2
zurgle nots 2
gurghl pirsl 2
mee's says 2
sfriess says 2
nots pirsl 2
wot's mee's 2
pirsl seysyi 2
seysyi sfriess 2
pirsl knows'is 2
seysyi wot's 2
zurgle pirsl says 2
sfriess sfriess 2
mee's ughugh 2
seysyi gurghl ughugh 2
pirsl wot's 2
seysyi nots says 2
mee's mee's 2
says seysyi 2
pirsl gurghl 2
says says 2
pirsl pirsl 2
mee's gurghl 2
seysyi pirsl 2
knows'is wot's 2
ughugh mee's 2
ughugh seysyi says 2
sfriess says zurgle zurgle 2
seysyi zurgle 2
zurgle pirsl 2
zurgle wot's knows'is nots 2
zurgle ughugh knows'is 2
nots gurghl 2
gurghl seysyi 2
zurgle knows'is 2
sfriess gurghl mee's 2
knows'is mee's zurgle 2
knows'is zurgle mee's says 1
wot's wot's knows'is gurghl zurgle seysyi 1
says mee's ughugh wot's nots 1
nots seysyi knows'is sfriess says gurghl 1
nots seysyi nots nots 1
seysyi mee's ughugh 1
wot's ughugh pirsl wot's ughugh pirsl 1
mee's sfriess pirsl sfriess 1
seysyi nots ughugh says zurgle pirsl 1
wot's seysyi sfriess 1
says mee's zurgle 1
gurghl zurgle wot's 1
knows'is says zurgle sfriess 1
pirsl wot's ughugh 1
says nots nots nots 1
knows'is knows'is pirsl 1
knows'is knows'is 1
pirsl says seysyi ughugh 1
gurghl seysyi nots gurghl 1
ughugh seysyi pirsl sfriess wot's 1
gurghl knows'is ughugh 1
wot's seysyi says says mee's 1
nots wot's ughugh sfriess 1
gurghl sfriess pirsl sfriess 1
says sfriess sfriess nots seysyi ughugh 1
says pirsl pirsl 1
sfriess mee's mee's sfriess 1
seysyi says zurgle 1
seysyi pirsl nots nots 1
ughugh knows'is zurgle 1
says seysyi sfriess gurghl 1
says knows'is gurghl 1
mee's gurghl zurgle ughugh wot's 1
mee's knows'is gurghl pirsl mee's 1
mee's wot's gurghl zurgle says 1
says says gurghl 1
sfriess mee's seysyi says says sfriess 1
gurghl knows'is seysyi 1
zurgle mee's ughugh gurghl mee's wot's 1
wot's seysyi says sfriess gurghl sfriess 1
pirsl zurgle ughugh says 1
wot's seysyi says zurgle knows'is sfriess 1
ughugh seysyi gurghl knows'is gurghl nots 1
seysyi seysyi says pirsl wot's wot's 1
mee's pirsl 1
wot's nots ughugh pirsl 1
pirsl nots seysyi knows'is sfriess pirsl 1
knows'is mee's ughugh wot's 1
says says pirsl knows'is pirsl 1
seysyi wot's ughugh zurgle says says 1
says nots knows'is knows'is mee's pirsl 1
ughugh pirsl zurgle 1
ughugh zurgle mee's ughugh 1
seysyi wot's says 1
gurghl pirsl wot's knows'is pirsl nots 1
wot's zurgle pirsl mee's ughugh 1
pirsl nots nots wot's 1
ughugh ughugh pirsl seysyi wot's mee's 1
ughugh sfriess pirsl knows'is wot's wot's 1
mee's ughugh says mee's 1
pirsl pirsl says ughugh 1
says zurgle says gurghl mee's 1
says wot's mee's 1
gurghl gurghl sfriess 1
says seysyi seysyi gurghl nots 1
nots nots zurgle says 1
seysyi pirsl pirsl says 1
seysyi gurghl knows'is zurgle wot's 1
seysyi seysyi says pirsl gurghl zurgle 1
sfriess ughugh 1
wot's ughugh knows'is knows'is knows'is 1
wot's nots 1
knows'is gurghl sfriess seysyi 1
wot's mee's zurgle wot's gurghl 1
knows'is knows'is ughugh sfriess 1
mee's sfriess seysyi knows'is gurghl 1
sfriess knows'is ughugh says says 1
sfriess seysyi mee's mee's mee's 1
mee's nots pirsl mee's pirsl 1
sfriess wot's sfriess mee's 1
zurgle zurgle seysyi says zurgle 1
knows'is sfriess says says says 1
nots ughugh ughugh 1
sfriess pirsl seysyi seysyi 1
sfriess knows'is mee's nots 1
gurghl gurghl mee's knows'is pirsl gurghl 1
says mee's wot's seysyi 1
knows'is ughugh wot's nots 1
knows'is pirsl mee's gurghl pirsl 1
says mee's says pirsl knows'is zurgle 1
pirsl pirsl ughugh pirsl seysyi says 1
zurgle wot's seysyi 1
knows'is sfriess wot's gurghl wot's gurghl 1
sfriess mee's gurghl 1
gurghl ughugh sfriess 1
mee's knows'is nots zurgle 1
pirsl gurghl seysyi mee's 1
pirsl nots sfriess wot's 1
nots pirsl sfriess 1
sfriess says pirsl zurgle wot's 1
seysyi gurghl nots mee's 1
gurghl wot's knows'is mee's gurghl 1
wot's ughugh wot's nots gurghl 1
mee's mee's seysyi mee's mee's 1
knows'is zurgle ughugh knows'is says 1
seysyi pirsl ughugh seysyi says says 1
sfriess nots seysyi pirsl pirsl 1
sfriess nots ughugh 1
wot's gurghl says 1
ughugh sfriess mee's gurghl 1
zurgle ughugh 1
seysyi nots 1
knows'is mee's sfriess ughugh mee's 1
nots zurgle seysyi zurgle 1
says pirsl knows'is seysyi sfriess 1
knows'is knows'is nots seysyi mee's seysyi 1
ughugh knows'is nots 1
seysyi ughugh gurghl sfriess 1
ughugh seysyi wot's pirsl nots 1
Hello again! Many thanks for helping us to solve the riddle with the Shades, we can start to work now putting all those Shade spirits to rest and get a little bit of a reward to go along with it!1
pirsl zurgle wot's seysyi seysyi knows'is 1
knows'is sfriess seysyi nots gurghl mee's 1
mee's wot's 1
mee's seysyi seysyi says says sfriess 1
seysyi gurghl gurghl 1
mee's seysyi says says seysyi 1
sfriess nots gurghl zurgle nots nots 1
knows'is pirsl wot's mee's mee's 1
zurgle seysyi seysyi gurghl 1
wot's knows'is says says mee's pirsl 1
knows'is pirsl zurgle 1
ughugh seysyi ughugh seysyi mee's pirsl 1
mee's gurghl sfriess mee's gurghl pirsl 1
nots gurghl nots mee's ughugh ughugh 1
sfriess mee's zurgle mee's ughugh nots 1
pirsl sfriess says ughugh 1
ughugh pirsl wot's sfriess pirsl nots 1
pirsl nots gurghl pirsl 1
sfriess gurghl ughugh seysyi nots 1
says gurghl gurghl seysyi 1
sfriess ughugh says zurgle nots nots 1
nots zurgle zurgle sfriess 1
ughugh pirsl ughugh knows'is mee's 1
wot's wot's sfriess 1
nots sfriess gurghl says 1
ughugh pirsl seysyi mee's zurgle mee's 1
nots gurghl nots gurghl mee's zurgle 1
knows'is pirsl sfriess knows'is 1
says knows'is sfriess mee's wot's 1
nots seysyi says sfriess pirsl gurghl 1
seysyi sfriess pirsl sfriess zurgle 1
nots seysyi wot's mee's gurghl pirsl 1
sfriess says says 1
says pirsl knows'is mee's gurghl 1
says zurgle knows'is ughugh zurgle ughugh 1
zurgle wot's wot's pirsl 1
knows'is knows'is nots 1
nots nots knows'is mee's pirsl 1
ughugh pirsl pirsl knows'is 1
mee's ughugh sfriess ughugh 1
sfriess seysyi nots 1
seysyi mee's zurgle wot's nots sfriess 1
nots says nots gurghl pirsl wot's 1
seysyi says gurghl 1
ughugh says gurghl nots 1
says gurghl knows'is sfriess pirsl pirsl 1
seysyi sfriess says knows'is zurgle wot's 1
mee's zurgle seysyi 1
seysyi wot's zurgle 1
says pirsl nots wot's knows'is mee's 1
pirsl ughugh says pirsl nots 1
gurghl seysyi sfriess 1
zurgle zurgle gurghl knows'is 1
zurgle seysyi mee's knows'is knows'is 1
zurgle seysyi says nots 1
wot's pirsl nots mee's seysyi knows'is 1
ughugh pirsl pirsl 1
gurghl sfriess nots says gurghl 1
knows'is knows'is gurghl zurgle seysyi 1
ughugh sfriess gurghl pirsl pirsl pirsl 1
knows'is nots mee's zurgle pirsl wot's 1
zurgle gurghl gurghl 1
ughugh pirsl 1
zurgle mee's zurgle 1
zurgle seysyi says seysyi sfriess mee's 1
gurghl gurghl mee's ughugh 1
zurgle knows'is nots sfriess ughugh pirsl 1
nots zurgle seysyi nots 1
seysyi gurghl nots 1
sfriess pirsl sfriess zurgle pirsl knows'is 1
ughugh pirsl nots 1
says sfriess knows'is 1
nots mee's knows'is wot's seysyi pirsl 1
says pirsl gurghl knows'is pirsl gurghl 1
says sfriess gurghl wot's sfriess nots 1
wot's nots mee's 1
nots mee's says zurgle 1
sfriess nots 1
wot's wot's zurgle mee's 1
says seysyi nots knows'is 1
sfriess zurgle 1
nots seysyi 1
zurgle ughugh gurghl mee's zurgle mee's 1
says says gurghl seysyi gurghl knows'is 1
says knows'is seysyi 1
seysyi zurgle gurghl gurghl sfriess seysyi 1
knows'is zurgle 1
sfriess nots wot's sfriess ughugh 1
mee's gurghl nots pirsl sfriess seysyi 1
zurgle wot's zurgle nots knows'is 1
wot's seysyi wot's nots says pirsl 1
sfriess says nots wot's 1
nots mee's wot's ughugh zurgle 1
says seysyi nots zurgle seysyi 1
seysyi ughugh pirsl says sfriess says 1
mee's seysyi seysyi 1
nots gurghl nots gurghl 1
knows'is wot's wot's seysyi sfriess 1
seysyi sfriess says sfriess 1
nots knows'is knows'is 1
zurgle nots nots 1
sfriess knows'is zurgle mee's knows'is seysyi 1
seysyi knows'is wot's 1
says zurgle says 1
wot's wot's says knows'is pirsl mee's 1
ughugh seysyi seysyi says wot's says 1
wot's zurgle ughugh knows'is says 1
says sfriess 1
pirsl ughugh knows'is 1
seysyi pirsl seysyi knows'is gurghl 1
gurghl knows'is gurghl gurghl sfriess 1
pirsl ughugh pirsl nots knows'is sfriess 1
nots nots zurgle says nots gurghl 1
knows'is gurghl mee's knows'is nots seysyi 1
gurghl mee's mee's knows'is 1
zurgle gurghl ughugh mee's 1
zurgle says gurghl seysyi wot's wot's 1
wot's says mee's sfriess pirsl pirsl 1
nots mee's says pirsl nots 1
knows'is mee's says wot's gurghl says 1
sfriess wot's says gurghl nots 1
wot's gurghl seysyi 1
sfriess sfriess says seysyi 1
knows'is sfriess says wot's 1
sfriess nots seysyi 1
seysyi zurgle seysyi seysyi 1
mee's seysyi says 1
knows'is nots mee's 1
seysyi seysyi nots 1
mee's seysyi gurghl 1
seysyi knows'is zurgle wot's 1
ughugh nots zurgle says says pirsl 1
says wot's mee's nots 1
sfriess zurgle pirsl knows'is nots zurgle 1
sfriess pirsl wot's mee's says knows'is 1
pirsl pirsl gurghl ughugh 1
pirsl says 1
seysyi sfriess wot's 1
ughugh wot's gurghl mee's nots nots 1
gurghl gurghl says 1
mee's pirsl ughugh knows'is 1
gurghl zurgle zurgle ughugh gurghl sfriess 1
knows'is zurgle seysyi 1
mee's zurgle mee's 1
nots gurghl mee's ughugh sfriess gurghl 1
knows'is seysyi knows'is knows'is 1
says nots zurgle mee's knows'is mee's 1
zurgle pirsl knows'is mee's mee's mee's 1
ughugh ughugh zurgle seysyi pirsl 1
knows'is pirsl mee's gurghl gurghl 1
sfriess nots knows'is mee's zurgle 1
pirsl seysyi knows'is wot's ughugh pirsl 1
mee's knows'is mee's 1
mee's ughugh mee's 1
knows'is ughugh gurghl sfriess seysyi says 1
pirsl gurghl nots ughugh 1
mee's wot's zurgle mee's 1
sfriess sfriess ughugh seysyi 1
mee's sfriess gurghl 1
nots sfriess ughugh pirsl sfriess 1
knows'is wot's seysyi nots 1
wot's mee's sfriess 1
sfriess sfriess pirsl ughugh 1
mee's pirsl pirsl mee's gurghl 1
seysyi mee's 1
nots mee's sfriess pirsl says knows'is 1
seysyi zurgle mee's 1
nots sfriess says seysyi 1
seysyi gurghl ughugh wot's 1
ughugh seysyi ughugh 1
pirsl sfriess gurghl says sfriess zurgle 1
wot's gurghl says says nots 1
pirsl knows'is nots sfriess seysyi ughugh 1
pirsl mee's knows'is says 1
pirsl sfriess knows'is ughugh mee's 1
nots wot's 1
ughugh pirsl mee's says says 1
seysyi sfriess pirsl seysyi 1
ughugh ughugh pirsl knows'is mee's 1
mee's wot's pirsl nots zurgle 1
knows'is zurgle pirsl knows'is 1
mee's wot's seysyi seysyi ughugh sfriess 1
sfriess wot's nots 1
sfriess wot's seysyi gurghl zurgle 1
ughugh says ughugh gurghl 1
zurgle sfriess zurgle wot's mee's gurghl 1
zurgle zurgle nots 1
ughugh says 1
mee's gurghl pirsl wot's knows'is 1
says zurgle ughugh 1
nots pirsl says sfriess 1
gurghl wot's seysyi 1
seysyi sfriess knows'is seysyi 1
nots ughugh sfriess gurghl wot's 1
mee's seysyi knows'is nots zurgle pirsl 1
gurghl knows'is 1
seysyi sfriess wot's wot's wot's 1
pirsl zurgle pirsl knows'is sfriess nots 1
zurgle ughugh gurghl gurghl knows'is knows'is 1
gurghl mee's seysyi nots 1
wot's ughugh 1
knows'is nots seysyi wot's says 1
nots sfriess nots wot's 1
mee's knows'is zurgle sfriess seysyi 1
sfriess nots wot's says ughugh sfriess 1
sfriess mee's mee's 1
nots sfriess pirsl 1
sfriess knows'is pirsl ughugh pirsl 1
mee's nots gurghl says 1
mee's says gurghl ughugh knows'is 1
wot's sfriess says 1
pirsl nots sfriess 1
seysyi knows'is pirsl wot's nots sfriess 1
knows'is says pirsl 1
zurgle sfriess zurgle 1
ughugh says ughugh nots says knows'is 1
wot's wot's knows'is knows'is 1
mee's wot's says sfriess mee's nots 1
seysyi pirsl ughugh pirsl 1
mee's knows'is seysyi 1
sfriess sfriess sfriess knows'is mee's ughugh 1
nots wot's wot's 1
You need to place the remains of the shade on top of the logs and then set alight to it.1
gurghl nots says knows'is ughugh knows'is 1
seysyi says zurgle sfriess sfriess ughugh 1
mee's mee's wot's seysyi knows'is 1
sfriess pirsl ughugh zurgle gurghl 1
sfriess gurghl 1
mee's sfriess 1
mee's gurghl ughugh seysyi 1
mee's says zurgle 1
gurghl nots nots 1
nots seysyi pirsl zurgle knows'is 1
sfriess zurgle wot's wot's seysyi 1
says knows'is knows'is nots mee's nots 1
knows'is pirsl mee's zurgle 1
seysyi says knows'is knows'is 1
gurghl zurgle ughugh wot's nots 1
zurgle gurghl sfriess knows'is pirsl 1
zurgle wot's knows'is 1
knows'is wot's mee's mee's 1
pirsl zurgle ughugh 1
zurgle sfriess 1
zurgle gurghl sfriess 1
pirsl seysyi wot's mee's says 1
knows'is wot's ughugh knows'is wot's nots 1
zurgle wot's 1
ughugh ughugh gurghl ughugh mee's 1
gurghl zurgle mee's nots wot's says 1
seysyi sfriess pirsl 1
knows'is sfriess ughugh wot's 1
nots pirsl mee's ughugh 1
knows'is sfriess wot's zurgle wot's mee's 1
gurghl gurghl sfriess seysyi 1
ughugh gurghl ughugh wot's 1
wot's seysyi seysyi sfriess 1
gurghl seysyi gurghl seysyi seysyi 1
wot's sfriess says sfriess says seysyi 1
mee's mee's ughugh gurghl ughugh pirsl 1
zurgle says nots 1
ughugh knows'is ughugh seysyi says knows'is 1
pirsl zurgle seysyi pirsl pirsl 1
wot's zurgle sfriess seysyi 1
gurghl pirsl gurghl nots 1
pirsl pirsl pirsl 1
mee's nots zurgle knows'is mee's says 1
wot's wot's mee's 1
sfriess sfriess zurgle 1
seysyi gurghl zurgle zurgle wot's 1
mee's mee's seysyi pirsl says says 1
wot's says knows'is sfriess sfriess 1
sfriess zurgle knows'is nots knows'is 1
knows'is nots says 1
knows'is gurghl ughugh seysyi 1
pirsl mee's pirsl 1
That is a shame, I would have liked to have seen the remains. Razmire was right. I'm keen to study them and perhaps see if I can work out a way to put their spirits to rest.1
pirsl knows'is nots says nots wot's 1
mee's seysyi says says ughugh mee's 1
sfriess sfriess gurghl says gurghl 1
mee's wot's wot's 1
knows'is ughugh says ughugh knows'is 1
wot's ughugh knows'is knows'is zurgle says 1
says mee's zurgle ughugh sfriess seysyi 1
seysyi wot's knows'is wot's nots 1
knows'is ughugh ughugh ughugh seysyi zurgle 1
says knows'is gurghl says ughugh 1
gurghl zurgle knows'is says zurgle gurghl 1
gurghl nots sfriess 1
seysyi nots knows'is says pirsl 1
seysyi says says says nots pirsl 1
knows'is says zurgle wot's 1
sfriess sfriess ughugh 1
ughugh mee's says wot's gurghl 1
zurgle zurgle says says knows'is sfriess 1
zurgle gurghl zurgle 1
zurgle zurgle pirsl sfriess 1
wot's pirsl mee's 1
nots pirsl mee's says says 1
ughugh knows'is zurgle knows'is 1
knows'is nots knows'is 1
sfriess gurghl wot's nots 1
gurghl says pirsl 1
wot's gurghl knows'is mee's nots gurghl 1
nots mee's ughugh says nots 1
knows'is gurghl sfriess nots 1
sfriess gurghl sfriess ughugh pirsl nots 1
pirsl ughugh zurgle knows'is 1
says knows'is gurghl nots pirsl nots 1
nots knows'is says zurgle mee's wot's 1
mee's zurgle zurgle mee's 1
wot's ughugh seysyi wot's 1
gurghl knows'is gurghl seysyi mee's 1
ughugh wot's zurgle seysyi gurghl wot's 1
wot's zurgle seysyi mee's zurgle 1
says seysyi zurgle 1
zurgle ughugh sfriess 1
seysyi knows'is mee's pirsl 1
sfriess nots wot's knows'is pirsl 1
ughugh mee's gurghl seysyi nots 1
knows'is pirsl says says 1
knows'is gurghl says zurgle 1
pirsl knows'is wot's 1
mee's mee's mee's says 1
zurgle says nots pirsl gurghl 1
knows'is wot's pirsl seysyi sfriess 1
gurghl sfriess seysyi mee's says 1
zurgle ughugh wot's mee's zurgle mee's 1
ughugh nots zurgle nots 1
mee's mee's says says gurghl sfriess 1
zurgle zurgle knows'is zurgle seysyi zurgle 1
ughugh seysyi sfriess wot's gurghl 1
seysyi seysyi 1
knows'is pirsl knows'is nots 1
ughugh gurghl zurgle 1
nots knows'is seysyi 1
knows'is gurghl gurghl wot's says sfriess 1
mee's mee's wot's knows'is says 1
zurgle sfriess seysyi 1
zurgle pirsl wot's 1
nots pirsl ughugh ughugh ughugh gurghl 1
nots sfriess 1
ughugh knows'is says says seysyi 1
says knows'is 1
mee's knows'is 1
wot's gurghl seysyi wot's 1
zurgle knows'is wot's knows'is 1
wot's seysyi sfriess seysyi 1
pirsl ughugh says 1
gurghl says gurghl knows'is 1
gurghl wot's knows'is ughugh 1
says mee's gurghl mee's says wot's 1
wot's zurgle seysyi says seysyi says 1
knows'is nots gurghl seysyi says sfriess 1
sfriess says seysyi mee's knows'is says 1
zurgle sfriess mee's nots zurgle 1
ughugh nots 1
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says says pirsl 1
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From what I've learned, the ancients used to use the sacred oil on logs in order to make pyre logs for cremation. You could try that!1
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