Greetings, fellow warrior. I am Ajjat, former black knight and now training officer here in the warrior guild.658
Ah, but I can see you are already a master in the fine art of attacking, perhaps you have come to me to purchase a Cape of Attack, and thus join the elite few who have mastered this exacting skill?413
Most certainly; unfortunately being such a prestigious item, they are appropriately expensive. I'm afraid I must ask you for the princely sum of 99000 gold!391
When wearing this cape, Kamfreena will recognize your ability and allow you to access her Cyclopes without the need for guild tokens.361
Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.296
Of course! Here you go, you've earned %NUMBER% tokens!197
I'm afraid you have not earned any tokens yet. Try some of the activities around the guild to earn some.80
Ahh yes, the dummies. Another ingenious invention of the noble Dwarf Gamfred. They're mechanical you see and pop up out of the floor. You have to hit them with the correct attack mode before they disappear again.61
There are two different ways. One indication is their colour, the other is the pose and weapons they are holding, for instance, the one holding daggers you will need to hit with a piercing attack.56
Not at all; there are many other adventurers who would love the opportunity to purchase such a prestigious item! You can find me here if you change your mind.50
In the room you will find a poster on the wall which can help you recognise each different dummy.50
Indeed, you may find that you need several weapons to be successful 100% of the time, but keep trying. The weapons shop upstairs may help you there.46
Skillcapes, also known as Capes of Accomplishment, are reserved for the elite of the elite. Only a person who has truly mastered a skill can buy one, and even then a skillcape can only be bought from one who is36
recognised as the highest skilled in the land at any particular skill.33
I have the privilege of being the person that controls access to the Skillcape of Attack, which Kamfreena will recognize and allow you to access her Cyclopes without the need for guild tokens.31
Is there anything else I can help you with?29
Indeed I was, however their... methods... did not match with my ideals.. so I left. Harrallak, recognising my talent as a warrior, took me in and offered me a job here.27
Farewell warrior. Stay away from the dark side.15
Most certainly, and free of charge!7
Unfortunately all Skillcapes are only available with a free hood, it's part of a skill promotion deal; buy one get one free, you know. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.3
Well come back and see me when you do.1
You don't have space to carry them.1