My name Ak-Haranu. I am trader, come from many far across sea in east.1,098
Ak-Haranu may help you. A translation manual I have, much good for reading Eastern language.1,098
Ak-Haranu not want money for this book, as is such small thing. But there may be something you could do for me. I am big admirer of Robin, Master Bowman. He staying in village inn.1,097
Please get Master Bowman sign an oak longbow for me, so Ak-Haranu can show family and friends when returning home and become much admired. Then I give you book in exchange.1,094
Ah, can it be true? You have obtained bow from Master Bowman?1,081
May honour be bestowed upon you and your family!1,080
How Master %USERNAME% getting on with longbow?88
How Mistress %USERNAME% getting on with longbow?57
And Ak-Haranu thanks you for kind gift of longbow.49
But this longbow not signed, Master %USERNAME%!35
But this longbow not signed, Mistress %USERNAME%!20
No, Ak-Haranu afraid that no longbow in supply at moment. You must make one or buy one.9