Hello Effendi!3,905
Aha! I see you have the plans. This is great! However, these plans do indeed look very technical. My people have further need of your skills.1,193
Great, I can see that you have some feathers, a bar of Bronze and a hammer. Are you still willing to help make the weapon?1,156
This is truly fantastic Effendi!1,143
Okay Effendi, you need to follow the plans. You will need some special tools for this... There is an anvil in the other tent. You have my permission to use it, but show the plans to the guard.1,133
We are forever grateful for this gift. My advisors have discovered some secrets which we will share with you.1,119
If you can help us to manufacture this item, we will share its secret with you. Does this deal interest you effendi?1,074
Oh yes, well that is interesting. Our sweet pineapples are renowned throughout the whole of Kharid ! And I'll give you one if you do me a favour?1,063
Captain Siad at the mining camp is holding some secret information. It is very important to us and we would like you to get it for us. It gives details of an interesting, yet ancient weapon.1,058
Please accept this selection of six bronze throwing darts as a token of our appreciation.1,047
Oh, and here is your pineapple!1,046
That's great Effendi!1,045
Bring us back the plans inside the chest, they should be sealed. All haste to you Effendi!1,036
I'll take that key off your hands as well effendi! Many thanks!1,033
I am Al Shabim, greetings on behalf of the Bedabin nomads. Now... what can I do for you?967
Wonderful, I see you have made the new weapon!947
You have the plans and all the items needed. You should be able to complete the item on your own. Please bring me the item when it is finished.900
Here is a copy of the key that should give you access to the chest.808
We will take the technical plans for the weapon as well.781
We would gladly share this information with you. All you have to do is gain access to his private room upstairs. We have a key for the chest that contains this information. Are you interested in our deal?780
I am Al Shabim, greetings on behalf of the Bedabin nomads.427
Huh! You have been talking to the guards at the mining camp. Or worse, that cowardly mercenary captain. Al Zaba Bhasim does not exist, he is a figment of their imagination!347
Go back and tell this captain that if he wants to find this man he should search for him personally. See how much of his own time he would like to waste.319
Great, I can see that you have some feathers and a bar of Bronze, but you just need a hammer now.72
I am Al Shabim Effendi! I am the leader of the Bedabin peoples!51
Well, we are all very busy most of the time, tending to the pineapples. They are grown in a secret location, to stop thieves from raiding our most precious prize.40
This is the home of the Bedabin. We're a peaceful tribe of desert dwellers. Some idiots call us 'Tenti's', a childish name borne of ignorance.38
I've already explained that he doesn't exist. Now, can we move on?35
Great, I can see that you have a bar of bronze. Now we just need some feathers before we can continue.33
Take a look around our camp if you like!32
We're renowned for surviving in the harshest desert climate. We also grow the 'Bedabin ambrosia.'... A pineapple of such delicious sumptiousness that it defies description.29
Good day Effendi!28
Great, I can see that you have some feathers. Now we just need a bar of bronze before we can continue.17
Many thanks with your help previously Effendi!17
Great, I can see that you have a bar of bronze. Now we just need some feathers and a hammer before we can continue.7
How are things going Effendi?6
How very careless of you! Here is another key, don't lose it this time !6
Great, we need the following items: a bar of pure bronze, 10 feathers and a hammer. Bring them to me and we'll continue to make the item.6
As you wish Effendi!5
Very well Effendi!5
Here is another pineapple, try not to lose this one.4
Come back if you change your mind!4
Very well, good day Effendi!1