That'll do nicely, sir. Leave it with me - I'll make sure that patch grows for you.4,582
That'll do nicely, madam. Leave it with me - I'll make sure that patch grows for you.1,635
I want 6 dragonfruit for that.610
I'll want 2000 Coins to chop down your redwood. These take ages!451
You don't have a sapling planted in that patch. Plant one and I might agree to look after it for you.257
I'm already looking after that patch for you.149
That patch is already fully grown! I don't know what you want me to do with it!143
These take ages to clear! If you pay me 2000 Coins I'll chop it down for you.93
That depends on whether I have it to sell. What is it that you're looking for?15
That patch is dead - it's too late for me to do anything about it now.13
That looks like something that you can make supercompost out of. Fill up the compost bin with stuff like that, and you'll eventually have a bin full of supercompost.11
If you like, but I want 6 dragonfruit for that.5
The only way to cure a bush or tree of disease is to prune away the diseased leaves with a pair of secateurs. For all other crops I would just apply some plant-cure.3
You can fill plantpots with soil from any empty patch, if you have a gardening trowel.2
If you want to make your own sacks and baskets you'll need to use the loom that's near the Farming shop in Falador. If you're a good enough craftsman, that is.2
You can put up to five tomatoes, strawberries, apples, bananas or oranges into a fruit basket, although you can't have a mix in the same basket.2
If you want to grow fruit trees you could try a few places: Catherby, Brimhaven, Gnome Stronghold and the Farming Guild all have fruit tree patches.2
Vegetables, hops and flowers need constant watering - if you ignore my advice, you will sooner or later find yourself in possession of a dead farming patch.2
Plant cure, eh? I might have some put aside for myself. Tell you what, I'll sell you some plant cure for 25 coins if you like.2
Supercompost is far better than normal compost, but more expensive to make. You need to rot the right type of item; show me an item, and I'll tell you if it's super- compostable or not.2
You don't have to buy all your plantpots you know, you can make them yourself on a pottery wheel. If you're a good enough craftsman, that is.1
Eh, I suppose I can spare you a plant pot, but I'll want 40 coins for it.1
Well, I'm not wasting my time for free.1
Bittercap mushrooms can only be grown in a special patch in Morytania, near the Mort Myre swamp. There the ground is especially dank and suited to growing poisonous fungii.1
Hops are good for brewing ales. I believe there's a brewery up in Keldagrim somewhere, and I've heard rumours that a place called Phasmatys used to be good for that type of thing. 'Fore they all died, of course.1
A seed dibber, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 15 coins if you like.1
A rake, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 15 coins if you like.1
There is a special patch for growing Belladonna - I believe that it is somewhere near Draynor Manor, where the ground is a tad 'unblessed'.1
Applying compost to a patch will not only reduce the chance that your crops will get diseased, but you will also grow more crops to harvest.1