Hello %USERNAME%. How's the adventuring going?12,789
Still selling.12,692
Hang on a second.10,561
Well, I always fancied that I could be a great draper, but the way things are looking that's not about to happen any time soon.3,533
I have a friend - well, actually more of an acquaintance - who lives in Sophanem, some way to the south of here, and who may be able to help. But, from what I've heard, no one can enter or leave the city.3,514
Good day and welcome back to Al Kharid.1,622
My name is Ali Morrisane - the greatest salesman in the world.1,604
Well one can only do and sell so much. If I had more staff I'd be able to sell more, rather than wasting my time on menial things I could get on with selling sand to the Bedabin and useless tourist trinkets to everyone.1,042
Yes I know, I know - the life of a shop keeper isn't slaying dragons and wooing damsels but it has its charms.896
Ah, many thanks, my friend. My nephew's name is 'Ali' and he lives to the south in a town called 'Pollnivneach'.862
Although you can help me in another way, a nephew of mine lives not too far from here in a little town called Pollnivneach. If you could fetch him here I'll give you the first month of his salary!712
Now that we both agree on that, may I show you my wares?683
I like the word 'tourism'. Did you not enjoy your stay in Pollnivneach? Was there not action, intrigue and fun to be had, and did you not notice all the other tourists there too?679
Ah, once again you underestimate me. I sold you far more than that.676
My my, you surprise me, you're not as dumb as you look.675
I have my reasons.671
You make an old man very happy. I'm so proud of young Baba.668
Yes, but by people with too much money and not enough sense. All willingly parted with their money and received what they purchased.668
Well then tell me what has become of him. Nothing bad I hope.662
Hello again my friend. I see you have not found my troublesome nephew. Have you any news of his whereabouts?656
Tell him his uncle Ali M needs his help up in Al Kharid.635
Now have a look at my wares.622
Well at the moment I don't exactly have a selection of runes.590
I was kind of hoping that you would have a look at them. There are two distinctive types of caskets one with a simple locking mechanism and another, which ummm... looks a little tricky to say the least.585
Well you had better get going, you've a fair bit of travelling ahead of you. Unless you want to make a small purchase from me first?584
What I mean by 'not exactly' is 'no, I haven't managed to get the lock off'.583
Those boxes from your friend Aubury have a very odd locking mechanism.582
Not exactly.582
Any word on my good nephew?514
That's not really the news I was looking forward to. Since you've been gone trade has gotten even busier. Will you have a look at my wares?500
Well I still am in need of an assistant....499
..but take the reward anyway.472
For you, always. As a matter of fact I have just acquired a fleet of magic carpets, which operate throughout the Kharidian desert.425
Trade is good, but I would like to expand and diversify, but it's proving a little more difficult than I initially thought.422
I think the other merchants in this town are conspiring against me.417
From Pollnivneach.414
Perhaps you could.414
Well maybe I can't get any new suppliers then because I'm Pollnivnian.413
There's a blackjack seller in Pollnivneach, a cautious type of guy, not the usual entrepreneurial sort that I would normally deal with, but...391
Yes, that would be perfect, but who could I get that would supply? There really seems to be a gap in the market in the desert but I don't know anyone in that line of business.391
Very well anticipated.391
Yes, but at the moment the product isn't polished enough, if you could convince him to create a larger variety of weapon I would gladly stock his products.390
Well the rune market is a limited one, if I were to sell his runes from a location nearby his shop, then I would take part of his market share so he would in fact not benefit from me selling runes.390
Oh yes, the rune seller from Varrock. That would be perfect. He's far enough away that he wouldn't end up competing with himself.389
Is there any chance of getting you to look up a merchant to supply me?384
I thought you wanted to help.371
What do you mean? 369
You get access to more products. Is that not reward enough?369
I think I need just one more product type, something magical ... now what could I stock that's magical, has large demand and a pretty good profit margin...369
That's the one, well if you could convince him to supply me with some of his merchandise, I would be more than willing to sell them to the masses ...... for a small percentage of course.368
I think that he has a product with real potential...305
I have an old friend - a cloth merchant Siamun, who lives in Sophanem - Do you know the place?288
Hmmm... Perhaps not.283
Fair enough so, we have a win, win, win situation on our hands then.257
Good job on getting the rune stone shipments sorted. I'm just receiving the first of them. Though there seems to be a funny sort of locking mechanism on them, which I haven't completely figured out.245
Go see Siamun in Sophanem about some clothes.206
I'll tell you what then, how about I let you have discounted flights on my magic carpet rides?205
Hang on a second while I get my stock of blackjacks out.203
Hang on a second while I get the garments.200
As always it's a pleasure doing business with you.176
You're a bright chap. I'm sure you'll work something out.174
Good, good.172
My friend in Sophanem.... Ahh never mind him, maybe we might have a look at him another time.146
In Pollnivneach go and talk to the blackjack seller. Convince him to supply me with his produce.146
That would be the day.126
No, no, they're still selling fine, but if you could perhaps convince the blackjack man to send a different variety the next time you see him, I would be more than happy.125
Hello, my friend. Have a look at my wares.124
Quite, if I don't say so myself. But in order to keep things fresh, the next time you're in Sophanem, could you ask that cranky old so-and-so Siamun to produce a new line of clothing?123
No problem my friend, perhaps another time.122
Don't tarry there too long, I'm quite anxious to get a rune store open before anyone else in this area.121
Fantastic job on the blackjacks. I started getting the first batches of them a short time ago, and they've being flying off the shelves, although the demand seems to be dropping off a little.111
Could you talk to your friend Aubury in Varrock about supplying me with runes?110
Good, that's what I like to hear. Now where were we?106
So what's your problem then?105
Siamun's clothes seem to have really struck a chord with the locals in Al Kharid. Menaphite culture seems to be taking off here, rumour has it that one of Prince Ali's servants bought him one of Siamun's robes.104
Anyway, have a look at my wares.99
Didn't we also agree that you would get discounted travel on my magic carpet network?75
I think you underestimate your efforts. Anyway, as a token of my gratitude I have told all my magic carpet attendants to allow you to travel on the carpets at a discounted rate.30
I insist.30
Don't worry, I'll tell you what I won't put the runes up for sale just yet. I'll let you have first dibs on them.27
%USERNAME%, I would like to commend you on all the selfless help you have given me.26
Of course, my friend. Any good salesman ought to take the opportunities that present themselves.10
That is regrettable, I'm afraid.10
Well, these associates of my nephew can be somewhat... overenthusiastic.7
Well, there's a simple solution there, don't you agree?7
It's a step in the right direction.7
I'm sure they'll settle down soon.6
Now, would you like to have a look at my wares?6
There's really no one at the moment who you can deal with for me. Maybe another time.6
A good businessman looks for all the opportunities he can.4
Anyway, before you go, take a look at my wares.4
I have a friend - well, actually more of an acq%USERNAME%ntance - who lives in Sophanem, some way to the south of here, and who may be able to help. But, from what I've heard, no one can enter or leave the city.3
It strikes me that you are quite reluctant to receive your reward, come back when you've some room in you inventory.3
Hmmm.. I am reluctant to have business dealings with someone I know little about.2
I suppose you could. But mind you I would need for you to have a significant degree of trust in them before I would go into business with him.2
No I'm afraid not.2
They can continue running their gliders into trees, and I'll keep my business going. Sooner or later it'll all work out in my favour.2
Oh! Err .. unfortunately it seems to have expired yesterday!2
I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.2
Look, I had those printed to win over the local traders. They weren't too pleased with the money off voucher, but I promised them I would repay their losses.2
I don't know what you mean!2
Well I can't think of anyone off hand. I think there's a rune seller in Varrock but... nah, I haven't had a huge amount of dealings with the merchant. How about you?1
You know, I really could do with some magic stock.1
I do recall hearing about a rune salesman in Varrock.1
Before you go, have a look at my wares.1
Not a problem at all, come back at any time.1