Good day. Can I help you with anything?1,266
He is here, actually he was here! He's just nipped out to go to the toilet a few minutes ago. His drink is over there on the table by those barrels.982
Is there anything else I can help you with?827
The only problem is that no one has ever actually seen a toilet in Gielinor so he may take a little while.805
Well, I'm called Ali and from here. Do you want me?109
Actually all my uncles are called Ali!106
Um... no.104
That's a difficult question to answer. Everyone in the town have uncles called Ali.103
Nothing much really, the same as you would expect of any border town on the edge of the desert.66
I admit it appears so, seeing as everybody and every other establishment in this town has the name 'Ali' in it.63
Nothing much to say really about them. They're all paying customers so I won't rock the boat if you don't mind.63
If you don't like the name I could rename it 'Ali's' but then it may be confused with the Camel shop and Kebab house.57
What! Drink being poisoned in my bar! My reputation could be destroyed if someone died here. Thank you adventurer.18
Here have a beer - it's on the house.17
Fine, suit yourself. There's no need to insult me.2
Don't say that around here too loud please, it may catch and then I'd be out of business.2
You might be onto something there, but then what would I do with the drunken sailor?2
Drunken Ali. Oh never mind it's a long story.2
Well since you gave the two gangs a good kicking, things have improved hugely. Both gangs seem to be spending all their gold here drowning their sorrows.1
Get out of here, you cheeky rascal. A cut in my profits? As if!1