Welcome to my discount camel store. Can I help you with anything?892
Those two camels around the side are already sold.824
Is there anything else I can help you with?803
Here are the receipts for the camels so that you can pick them up as soon as I get them in.730
One cannot put a price on life, they are precious beyond the worth of the crass value of gold coins!728
I suppose I can silence my moral objections for that.693
But you are in luck - I have another two beautiful camels arriving in soon from the best stable in all of Al Kharid.659
Are you trying to be funny?242
Hello! Welcome back to my discount camel store. How are those camels getting along?181
Yes - a great idea - selling camels at discounted prices so that the common man can experience the joys of owning a camel too. They're not just a source of kebab meat you know!123
Hello adventurer.82
Not much really, I just want to thank you for what you have done for this village, I can now get on with business.79
Well you've found your man.77
Why yes - all my uncles are called Ali!74
Well I've been debating whether I should diversify. I might move into camel rental although I do have all these cages lying around which I could put to some use.73
Well no, but one of them owns a camel hire franchise.72
Thank you.69
I would never sell one to the likes of you, they are beautiful majestic creatures not sandwich fillers! Get out of my shop.60
I've got new stock coming very soon though. Come back later if you're still interested.59
Ah wondrous creatures, ships of the desert, far more useful than any horse or donkey. A man's best friend.40
Well Sandy, the female camel is a placid beast, and is 20 years of age and comes from a prestigious family whose mother was the part of the Sultan's baggage train.40
Lumps, on the other hand is a 15 year old male, a bit surly and prone to bouts of stubbornness. However he more than makes up for this failing with his immense strength and stamina.39
You are too generous, I would have sold for half of that!38
Both of them are of the 'Camelus Horribleus' family, a breed peculiar only to this area of Gielinor. It is....35
It's a beautiful day today but word has it that it will rain tomorrow.34
No don't worry I'm only joking!32
Well Pollnivneach is a funny little place. It's a small town and you'd think it would be a quiet place.31
But those Menaphites and bandits are making this place quite unbearable.27
Why? did they not please you?22
Pah! That might buy you a mangy flea infested sheep if you're lucky. Don't insult me.21
Business is booming, Pollnivneach has never seen this number of visitors.9
Yes perhaps you could.9
That may be so, but you are also the brave adventurer and you should know!9
That's a little unfair my friend. We can't all be brave adventurers. If we were, where would you go to get camels at discounted prices?8
A noble purpose for two noble beasts! Did you succeed?8
Good luck with that.8
I would consider giving them to you if you were able to look after them. But it is abundantly clear that you've got your hands full at the moment.8
You're teasing me now! You rogue! Everyone has a laugh at my expense, I'm just more enlightened than you!8
In fact I'm thinking of expanding and trying to break into the camel hire market.7
Didn't I warn you that a camel is not like a puppy or a kitten, fun for a few days and then a tasty snack? They're more than that, they're for life!7
You might think about that. Anyway isn't it the job of the brave adventurer to deliver the weak and innocent from evil and harm?6
Well one group is as bad as the other, stealing from each other and the locals, fighting, and just the last day one of the bandits came looking for protection money6
If you haven't noticed this is a remote town, half way between Menaphos and Al Kharid, a place where neither exert any power.6
Not Sandy and Lumps! You beast! Get out of my shop now!6
That is reassuring to hear. Too often one meets brainless adventurers whose solution to every problem is to hack, maim and murder.5
To tell the truth we live in hope that an objective outsider could broker a deal to halt the hostilities between them.5
Glad to know you're not of that ilk.3
I think you're trying to con me into giving you an extra receipt.2
The state of adventurers today. They need everything spelt out for them.2
Well, ok I will help. Try and see if you can get the groups to agree to a truce by perhaps each offering a token gift as an act of reconciliation.2
If that fails to work, I would consider trying to influence the groups from within.2
Pah! You just do not know how to treat them. If you abuse them and treat them badly of course they're going to spit and bite.1
No problem, There you go.1
You don't even have that much money do you? Come back when you're able to make a proper offer and stop wasting my time.1