Good day to you too adventurer.1,965
Ah yes that snake will do just fine, a nice agonising death, for Ali of course. I'd never kill a fellow vindictive, nasty soul such as Snuggles the snake here!971
Ah yes, now that I have the toxin I need something to hide its trace, fresh camel dung should do the job.970
Do you want the poison or not?968
Sorry, I've been dying to say that for ages.967
And don't forget it has to be fresh. Now are you going to give me the snake or not.965
Now remember. This poison isn't designed to be used on a weapon. In fact it's not a contact poison at all. You'll have to do more than just smear it on a blade!955
Old hag indeed! I have a name you know!945
Well how else would you abbreviate Alice then? And no, you can't call me Al!945
Ahh, I see. But that is rarely a simple matter. Extinguishing the flame of life is simple, but people rarely wish to face the consequences, and I doubt you are any different.943
Well now this is getting interesting. I'd recommend a poisoning. Who do you wish dead? I need to know so that I may tailor a poison to their specific needs!941
Ah impatience! Traitorous Ali's time is indeed nigh. Firstly bring me some snake venom, which will act as the main toxin.939
Please? Never have I heard a more inappropriate use of that foul word. Traitorous Ali you say... I believe he should be easily gotten rid of.938
None, I will extract much pleasure from his passing, just bring me the ingredients I require.938
From a snake perhaps?937
Sheesh! You'd never make a chemist, never mind an alchemist. Just bring me a snake, with teeth in its head and don't even think of giving me that snake charmer's pet worm, it's about as dangerous as a rubber knife.937
I have the poison already mixed, I just needed the ingredients to prepare another batch, you wouldn't believe the demand, its been murder.779
Now what do you want from me then? A hex? A spot potion? Power, beauty, eternal youth or something else drab like that?693
You're not as useless as I thought.233
I warned you about needlessly bothering me. That's it I'm hexing you into a frog!95
Don't taunt me because I will, once I find time to get around to it!84
Have you good reason to disturb me again?83
Well don't bother me again until such time that you do have one.55
I'm busy brewing potions, so if you disturb me again without reason, I will turn you into a frog!48
Have you got a snake yet?44
Now what do you want from the Old hag of Pollnivneach? To hex someone? Power, beauty, eternal youth or something else drab like that?38
Why? Was the first batch not good enough?26
Well if that's the case, no! I have better things to be doing than continiously brewing poison for people who have no use for it.24
Do you have the camel dung yet?12
Well don't come back until you have it.11