Is there anything else I can do for you?3,070
I need you to answer this for me.3,050
Ah! Here you go!3,046
Please give me your answer!3,018
Spot on!2,963
Hello. What can I do for you?2,344
That will be three gold coins please.1,771
Here you go.1,704
Well, that depends on what you have in mind.1,473
Well then, what do you want it for?1,471
You're not going to put it in drunken Ali's drink now, are you? That's what happened the last time I gave someone the sauce.1,469
Just be careful with it, it's potent enough to give a camel the runs.1,329
Well, that depends.1,174
It depends on whether you like kebabs or not.1,171
Seeing as I'm in the kebab construction industry. I mainly help people who have want of a kebab.1,165
I offer two different types of kebabs: the standard run- of-the-mill kebab seen throughout Gielinor and enjoyed by many an intoxicated dwarf, and my speciality, the extra-hot kebab. So which shall it be? 1,159
Or are my services even required?816
Come back soon, I could do with a few more customers.633
A super kebab it is so. Be careful, they really are as hot as they're made out to be.351
Didn't I just give you a bottle of this already?72
I'm trying to run a business here, not a charity.71
Nope, not correct!58
I don't think I will give you it, for the simple fact that you already have one sticking out of your bag. I have to run a business here.56
If I told you that I would have to kill you. Kebab sales is a cut-throat industry. The extra-hot kebab gives me the competitive edge on the rest and if I were to divulge my secrets to every passing adventurer, well it47
Shh! Keep your voice down. You should have told me you were from the union.46
would soon disappear.41
If information is what you need, there are many better people to ask than myself who could help you. One of the town's street urchins or perhaps the local drunk. I may be many things to many different people, but a20
gossip I am not.12