My thanks, your methods and motives may be questionable but nonetheless thank you for delivering this town from those wicked individuals. I think now that our problems are at a manageable size, mistakes made649
How do you know this?638
in the past will not be repeated.570
The least that I can do for you is answer your questions about the whereabouts of Ali Morrisane's nephew. He was asked to leave the town as much for concerns for his health and, as sad as it is to admit, the504
He is a good lad but is too good a salesman 466
He will probably remain hidden for some time.456
...but that could only protect him so long. Once he angered the Menaphites and the Bandits I could no longer protect him, and he had to go. I can assure you that he is safe and well and now that the threats to his455
for his health. He angered a number of people by coercing them into buying things they really didn't want. He acted completely within the letter of the law...450
life no longer hold any water he plans to open some kind of superstore with forty of his disreputable friends. A 'treasure trove' he claims. I will believe it when I see it though.450
I hope that helps you in your quest. Will you give my apologies to Ali Morrisane for treating his family so.446
anger of our towns people.433
Thank you once again. Have you spoken to Ali Morrisane yet?54
I really can't chat for very long, I'm very busy, the recent escalation in crime has me run off my feet. Muggings and burglaries happening in broad daylight in the town, it's just not on.38
I don't know what we did, to have you imposed on our little town but I for one am sorry.28
Welcome adventurer to the town of Pollnivneach, the gateway to Menaphos and Al-Kharid. My name is Ali and I'm the mayor of this town. I hope you enjoy your stay here.28
Perhaps you should talk to him, I'm sure he's keen to hear word of his nephew.22
Do you understand the concept of consequence? Do anything and other things will happen as a result. Well the consequences of your little piece of butchery are that the town is now even worse off. The bandits no22
All are welcome here, such is the way of things in border regions. Now more than ever I suppose.21
There's trouble in town, and a lot of villagers have left as a result.20
Why do I wish that you hadn't said that. Your heavyhanded tactics scare me.20
Well not to be immodest, but it was all my idea. Well I have things to do, good luck adventurer.17
longer have to waste time and energy fighting with the Menaphites and can direct all their attention to making us miserable. So for your efforts I thank you, but I wish no-one had asked for your help.17
I doubt that's easy in Pollnivneach.16
I'm more than a little busy at the moment, I'm sure there are plenty of people in town who could help you.16
I really can't chat for very long, Muggings and burglaries happening in broad daylight in the town, it's just not on. Just a short while ago even my own house was robbed. This can not continue.12