Can I help you with anything else?2,604
Having problems?1,128
The distraction tactic isn't working any more?1,063
It is a small town, news spreads fast. Perhaps using a spot of cunning and a bit of brute force might work better.1,060
Well done! You have finished your first trial.1,043
You hardly think that a couple of pick-pocketings would do, did you?1,041
Good, now the next thing you have to do is a spot of burglary.1,039
Well I think that a disguise would be a good start. After that I would definitely stake out the place to make sure the mayor is not in.1,038
No! Now get going.1,023
Impressive, I didn't expect you to succeed so soon with cracking that safe. Did you have help?1,004
Now your final task is one of the upmost importance. It has come to my attention that there is a traitor in our midst.1,004
Because I feel like I can trust you. You don't have all the baggage that comes with being a villain your entire life.1,003
That mayor is a fool. Now give me the jewels.1,002
Yes and I want you to root them out.1,002
Well then get to it.997
Is the deed done?992
No!! I would never have suspected that 'Traitorous Ali' would betray us. Actually... what am I saying! Of course it would have been him. He betrayed his family for a sandpit and an umbrella!979
Stop, I don't want to know. It hurts too much already. Find him and then kill him, but do it quietly, I don't want a fuss.977
You have proven yourself to be worthy of the bosses presence.904
So will you join us in our fight to wipe them out?894
It means that I want you to go out into the town and pickpocket 3 villagers and then report back to me. 893
Good choice my friend, together we will crush them.891
Slow down, slow down. First you must prove yourself capable and trustworthy.890
Don't worry about that, I'll just set you a few jobs to do.889
I'm sure he sold us out for much more.804
The only place worth pilfering is the mayor's villa.763
You'll need a key to the front door too.753
I want you to retrieve the mayor's wife's jewels.720
How is the pickpocketing going? Need a hand?688
If you can't achieve your goal directly, try adding another element into the equation, like a distraction.685
As you might have gathered we have the reputation for being less than scrupulous, something with good foundation.665
He wants to see you now to discuss the future direction of the gang.657
If you have any problems don't be afraid to ask for some advice.644
So I want you to foster this reputation and grow it.643
You seem to be a man of action. We could do with more people like you to sort those despicable bandits out.533
Do you know what I mean?533
You seem to be a lady of action. We could do with more people like you to sort those despicable bandits out.359
How is the search for the traitor going?209
Make sure you interview our other members they may know more than they let on.197
What do you want?161
What did the master say?151
Not much to figure out there, the problem is those thieving bandits.150
I cannot remember, as it's been going on for so long.150
I think our leader once mentioned that they robbed one of our camels. A heinous crime around here, worthy of a stoning.150
Those bandits would never agree to that. They're such bad thieves they couldn't afford to buy even the mangiest excuse of a camel, never mind the desert traversing four legged beauty that we would demand.149
They are always stealing, starting fights and causing disruption to the life of the people in this town.148
Well I suppose so.148
Admittedly, we are far better than them at that sort of thing, but they did start the cycle.146
Why did you have to go and ruin everything? We had a beautiful future ahead of us, the town would have been ours.73
Well don't waste time talking to me. Get on with it.70
You will have to be a lot more specific if you want help finding him. Everyone here is called Ali.59
Sheep, ready for the slau... hang on I shouldn't be saying..., listen I don't want to talk about them.56
Perhaps we will have some more work for you in future, if you stay in town.55
Say no more. I too am looking for him. The little tyke robbed me too, if we work together perhaps we can catch him and teach him a lesson.53
Haven't I helped you enough already?48
So what's the problem? Have you created a disguise yet?48
Really? I knew they were cowards. Tell them that we have changed our minds and demand 10 camels in return for our mercy.39
How is the pickpocketing going?33
That information is available on a need to know basis and right now, you don't need to know.32
Thank you for making those cowardly bandits give us a camel. They should give us far more if they want our mercy, but this is a start.28
Then make sure that you stake the place out to make sure neither the mayor or his family are inside.27
Don't take all day, the days getting on and there's still plenty of foul deeds to be done.27
No, I think I'll just wallow in self pity for a while.23
I see. I knew the power hunger would get to you eventually.20
Really? I thought you were meant to follow those types blindly, with unquestioning loyalty.18
No it just wouldn't be the same, I think I'll just wallow in self pity for a while.17
I've already given you a Blackjack, try using it.16
You'll have to create something that will hide your hair and obscure your facial features.16
What do you want to know?15
Make sure you're wearing a pair of gloves so that you don't leave any incriminating finger prints.14
What now?13
Try using those keys I gave you to open the door!13
You should have all this equipped before you stake out the house.13
Tell me when you are ready. This should not be undertaken lightly.5
Well then come back to me again when you are ready. Don't be too long.3