You seem rather cheerful. Is there anything you're after?4
Well, it's hot and full of sand.1
Don't ask me, I'm not from around here.1
A town to the south of the Shantay Pass, called Pollnivneach.1
Not very much, at the moment. I came from further south to set up a smithy here...1
...but we still haven't set up the shops, so we have no customers yet.1
Yes, he's the one who persuaded us to come here.1
He said we'd have lots of customers once we set up our shops, and all he asks for is a cut of the profits.1
Of course. He's always happy to talk to possible business partners.1
What? Who's spreading that rumour?1
Don't pay any attention to those people.1
They're just worried that they'll lose money when we open our shops.1