If it means that you'll leave me alone, I would give you my snake charming super starter kit complete with flute and basket.1,092
You're a resourceful looking adventurer I'm sure you'll work out something.721
Not a thing.718
Music should never be used to kill. I remember when we used to sing about love, not war nor killing. 715
I'll teach you for %NUMBER_COMMA% coins.713
Pah! 709
A glint of gold temporarily flashes across the charmers eyes.708
Go on. Who?707
No way what? 704
That depends. 698
Now we're talking.575
It's not all that difficult, here take these.543
Read the music, and copy what it says when you play the flute. You should attract rats to you like flies to a bucket of dung.523
What? I'm offering something invaluable and you'll quibble over a couple of coins?514
A look of disgust crosses his face. 509
I'll do it for quarter the price.508
Oh things were a lot better in those days.507
I'll do it for half the price.507
~You can literally see the glint of money light up across his eyes.505
Ummm... alright so.499
~The glint begins to wane a little.495
What do you mean by no?492
An eighth?488
I taught her all she knows about animal charming, and then she uses the knowledge to kill.478
I would give you a flute aswell but you've still got that one I gave you, so make do with that..305
You can see the snake charmer's resolve visibly crumble.193
Ok you have a deal.167
If it means that you'll leave me alone, I will give you my snake charming super starter kit complete with flute and basket. But you're clearly over burdened as it is.62
Well what's holding you back then? You have your own snake charming flute.52
Ah, I see you've lost your basket. Here you go, now leave me alone! You're ruining the show.36
Do you remember that flute I gave you?21
I'll be waiting for you.21
What do you need?20
And the music?20
There you go. Now if you don't mind I'm busy trying to charm this here snake.19
Well play the music that's on the sheet and that should do the trick.19
Hah! You'd never get away with it. I've paid up all my protection money this week to the Menaphite and bandit thugs. You'd be doing well to leave this town alive.11
No, I doubt it. I believe your talents lie in other areas.6
I'd say I wasn't hungry.5
Ah, I see you've lost your charming flute. Here you go, now leave me alone! You're distracting my punters... erm, I mean crowd.4
I'd say thank you very much and take it.3
That might depend on how the drink tasted.3
Beer, just plain old beer.3
Well then you'll never know.3