I'm a little busy at the moment. What is it?5
Oh, it has wonderful weather.2
Not quite as hot as back home.2
Of course, he's the one who's going to obtain cloth and clothes patterns so I can set up shop here.1
And in such a good location, too. Not out of the way like back home.1
The customers will soon pour in!1
Why not? He's always happy to talk to potential business partners.1
Me, threaten people?1
Oh, them. Don't mind them. I think they're worried about what effect our shops will have.1
For all they know, when we open our shops their wares will look cheap and shabby by comparison!1
If I had cloth, patterns and customers, I'd be a tailor. As it is, I'm a tailor with nothing to do.1
The silk merchant won't even sell me any silks, because he doesn't trust me!1
No, no, it's all being dealt with.1