Why thank you. Can I help you with anything?123
How observant of you.95
What colour dye do you want? I can make you blue, red or yellow dyes for you. If you bring me the correct raw materials.33
Well, it's quite simple really my mother was a drysalter and I learnt the trade from her.16
No silly, it's someone who deals with preservatives and dyes. I didn't really enjoy the preservative side of things so I've chosen to deal solely in dyeing.15
It's a dyeing trade! Oh gosh, I'm sorry, that was a truly dreadful joke.15
Thanks. But really, it's not the best around here, nearly everyone in this town wears only white, which means I don't exactly do a roaring trade. Now is there anything I can get you?15
Hmm.... 3 lots of redberries should do the trick and 25 coins should cover any other costs.11
To make a bottle of blue dye I'll need 2 woad leaves and 25 coins from you.2
Fair enough, I still think that the price is fairly reasonable considering that I'm the only source of dye this side of the Shantay pass.2
Yellow is an awkward colour to recreate, I guess if you got me 2 onions I could use their skins to make a warm yellow dye for you. Oh yes and lest I forget I'll need 25 coins to cover the cost of the glass ware and1
my wages.1
Well you could try growing them. They shouldn't be too hard to grow.1
Well I know for sure that the desert climate wouldn't suit them. I have mine picked for me in the woods south of Varrock.1