Hello. How can I help you?4,764
You need those useless, undead chickens? How odd you adventurers are.1,047
Can't you see, he is dead. I can't talk to the dead.1,039
The curse of undeath was so cruel; all the men out here succumbed, but Lyra and I were left alive.982
I'll need his bank pass, in that case.976
I tried that once, but all those other ghosts - and even the undead chickens and cows - scared me so much. I wouldn't try it again for all the cash in Varrock bank.975
You're so clever; I've overheard passing adventurers say that there's some witch near here who changes ghostspeak amulets.973
Mysterious indeed, but in this case she actually looks pretty normal. 971
You killed Bessie!969
You heard my husband: leave now!872
I think she lives a bit west of that mad Professor Fenksomething, past the Farming patch.791
You need to talk to my husband, though - not that I can these days.758
Ever since that day, I've not been able to speak to him.694
Tell him I love him but I can't find our savings. I know he had our collection of gold and 'prize cow' rosettes just before the curse struck.692
Have you found a way for me to talk to my husband yet?301
Have you handed him an enhanced amulet?277
Hello, friend, and thanks for allowing me to talk to my husband. How can I help you?257
Have you asked him about the bank pass?48
Yes - ask a gardener.39
Have you spoken to my husband yet?26