Arr, that makes far more sense than I was expecting from a muscle-head like you. My wife's a clever one.1,318
Hello, how can I help you? I'm sellin' if you have ecto- tokens.1,177
I can hand over a chicken if you give me 10 of them ecto-token thingies per bird.1,101
Give me that amulet, then, and we'll be seeing about your unnatural desire for chickens.1,007
It's that fountain thingy in the temple to the east. It's turned them all into zombies.1,005
None at all, mate, except that those worshippers at that temple keep comin' and killin' 'em all for their bones. Don't ask me why.1,000
I don't know nuthin' about nuthin'. Oim a simple ghost with simple needs. All I know is, years ago, that temple started glowing green and, a few months later, I woke up dead. That's all there is to it.999
Here, chicky chicky!986
Talk to my wife and I'll think about it.982
Git 'ere, yer pesky bird!982
Tell 'er I spent it on cheap spirits, har har.980
Hah, just trying to lift your spirits.980
Suit yerself, stick-in-the-mud. Anyway, Oim not one o' them yokels. Tell 'er I putted the cash in the bank like she always told me to.980
Ahhh, many thanks. Now what was it you were wanting again?978
Maybe she said that, maybe she didn't. I think you're just after me savings. Tell 'er that no one but a fool gives away their pass numbers.976
Where'd she go?976
Git orf my laaand!975
Chickens is tricksy, 'specially dead 'uns. I'll have to catch 'em for ye.974
Ta, mate.973
Stand back while I catches 'em, ya city slicker.971
Great! I'm laying away me tokens for some killer cows. That'll learn them bone rustlers.966
Go tell 'er now, if you're not a double-dealin' scammer, that is.806
I do miss the wife though; tell 'er I still loves her.703
A warning to ya, too: annoy her and I'll haunt ya til yer hair turns white.680
Woo woo!269
'Ave you talked to 'er?54
Larn yer manners! Chat a bit afore you prod a bloke with glowing gewgaws.41
I'm not a charity here, ya know. Bad enough all you cow-killing folks are a'slaughterin' me beasts. Come back when ya have enough tokens.39
The ghosts I talk to say that the tokens have something to do with the tower just east of here. If you need to collect some I'd try there.36
Ta, some day soon I'll be havin' a nice undead bed to kip in.27
Any luck wiv me wife?26
'Ave you talked to the wife for me?25
You again?18
Oi've been plannin'. Stand back while I catches 'em, ya city slicker.18
Har har, how many ghost chicky farmers d'you know, den?8
Yer sack's too small. Throw away some of that junk yer carting about.7
Wot use is that there stuff to a ghosty like meself?1