Are you serious?3
Well, just you close your eyes first. I'm not doing it while you're watching me!2
I hope that's what you wanted!2
What did you say?1
Well, don't interrupt me, I've got work to do.1
I'm participating in the construction of a shopping and sales extravaganza!1
My masters have me hauling boxes around. There's not much to do at the moment, though.1
They're traders from Pollnivneach. Their boss is called Ali Morrisane.1
It's hard work sometimes, but it could be worse.1
I heard about a pair of camels back in Pollnivneach who were poisoned!1
They say someone put spicy sauce in their food.1
I sincerely hope whoever did it was punished. Do they have no compassion for camels?1
I'm sorry, but I can't really help you right now. Perhaps you should ask me again later, or try a different camel.1