Ah, hello there. Nice to see an outsider for a change, are you busy? I have a problem.1,300
It's my son Hudon, he's always getting into trouble. The boy's convinced there's hidden treasure in the river and I'm a bit worried about his safety, the poor lad can't even swim.1,179
Would you? You are kind. You can use the small raft out back if you wish, do be careful, the current down stream is very strong.1,174
Hello adventurer, how's your treasure hunt going?138
No adventurer stays here this long just to sight see. But your business is yours alone, if you need to use the raft go ahead. But please try not crash it this time!122
Oh okay, never mind.118
Hello brave adventurer, have you seen my boy yet?95
I do hope so, you can't be too careful these days.91
Well hello again brave adventurer, are you enjoying the tranquil scenery of these parts?15
Well I'm glad to hear it The authorities wanted to dig up this whole area for a mine, but the few locals who lived here wouldn't budge and they gave up.15
Good for all of us!13
Well hello, you're still around then.9
Yes he told me, the foolish lad came in drenched to the bone, he had fallen into the waterfall, lucky he wasn't killed! Now he can spend the rest of the summer in his room.8
Why don't you visit the tourist centre south of the waterfall?6