Have you brought me the scroll of restoration to complete the ritual?418
FINALLY! Quickly, give it to me and I will begin the ritual!418
Yes... YES! With the words contained within this scroll our Lord shall return to this realm and bring destruction to our enemies!417
Dintenta! Sententa! Retenta! Q'exjta! Ia! Sottottott! Ia! Dysmenta junque fammatio svelken! Sottey! Sentey! SOLOMENT!416
Well well well... So we have a new recruit. Clivet told me of your desire to join us in our glorious task to resurrect the mighty Hazeel from his slumber.415
To accomplish this, we require the ancient words of summoning which will restore his shattered body, so that he can bring vengeance upon his enemies.363
Watch adventurer, and witness the glorious rebirth of Hazeel!326
Sentente sillaberi junque dithmento! Ia! Ia! dextrimon encanto! termando... imcando... solly enty rando... sentente! Ia! Ia! Indenti zaggarati g'thxa!321
Go back to the mansion, and assist us in finding this enchantment, so that together we can restore Hazeel to his true power and glory!317
The words to this powerful enchantment are hidden within the Carnillean mansion, right under the nose of his unsuspecting foes. We already have an agent in place there309
Lord Hazeel... Lord Zamorak... I call upon the powers of evil... The forces of chaos... The strength of hatred...291
Hazeel in his mighty cunning anticipated that he might be defeated and secured within his home somewhere a powerful magical scroll that could restore him.282
in their Butler Jones, a faithful follower to Hazeel. His loyalty to Hazeel is beyond questioning, yet he has been unsuccessful in locating the scroll containing the spell so far.274
How did YOU get in here?221
I thought I made it clear to the butler you could not be allowed to interfere with our mission. The incompetent fool must be going soft.212
Well you won't live long enough to tell anyone! DIE!!!211
Hazeel has waited long enough to return! It is IMPERATIVE you find that spell!40
Now Lord Hazeel is returned unto us we await his strength to return so that we may smite our enemies!21
Can't you see I'm busy???10
Out of my way idiot! We are preparing matters your puny mind could not hope to understand!10
I have no time to waste with the likes of you do-gooder.2
What? An intruder? Kill him!1
You have crossed my path too many times intruder. Leave or face my wrath.1