Yes he told me. I've begun making your special gas mask, but I need some dwellberries to finish it.1,070
There we go, all done. While in West Ardougne you must wear this at all times, or you could catch the plague.1,024
I'll make a spare mask for you in case you lose that one. I'll hide it in the cupboard in case the mourners come looking.1,015
Edmond tells me you're helping Elena again. Thank you so much.745
What do you need?720
Here you go, one tabard.720
Hmmm, well that shouldn't be too hard for me to do. Could you bring me some silk and some purple dye please?717
Hmm, that is lucky.667
Thank you for rescuing my daughter! Elena has told me of your bravery in entering a house that could have been plague infected. I can't thank you enough!129
Thank you so much for helping Elena. It means so much to Edmond and I.95
Oh, hello there.80
Not too bad... I've just got some troubles on my mind...76
Hello there. Do you have the silk and purple dye yet?65
The best place to look is in McGrubor's Wood, just west of Seers' Village.40
Hello darling, I think Edmond had a good idea of how to get into West Ardougne, you should hear his idea.38
They've taken her...27
Hello, any word on Elena?19
Is there anything else I can do to help?18
Not a problem. I still have enough materials to make another. Here you go.18
There should be a spare one in the cupboard for you.18
Elena! The authorities came and took her away!12
You'd be willing to help? Thank you. Speak to Edmond, he was there when they took her.11
Hello darling, how's that tunnel coming along?10
That's the spirit, dear.10
Well I'm sure you're quicker than Edmond.7
Well I can't make your tabard then.5
Yes. There should be one in the house somewhere. Let me know if you need anything else.3
Elena! They came and took her away!3
I'm not sure... Speak to Edmond, he was there when they took her.3
How's the tunnel going?2
One of the mourners has been sniffing around asking questions about you and Edmond, you should keep an eye out for him.2
That's the spirit, dear. Don't forget that there's a spare gas mask in the cupboard if you need one.2
Also, don't forget about that spare gas mask if you need it. It's hidden in the cupboard.1
Hi, have you managed to get through to West Ardougne?1
Make sure you wear your mask while you're over there! I can't think of a worse way to die.1