I don't know, I doubt that your type's up to the task...6,267
But it would be quite the amusing sight. Go on!5,586
I'll keep an eye on you and make sure you don't have too much trouble with her!3,180
You're going to need to free up your hands first, though. Nothing in or on your hands.2,096
Ah, it's you. How are you finding things?1,415
Yes, your type do often seem to underestimate it! Are you finished?1,407
What brings you to these parts, stranger?948
I suppose it is a little different to the places your type are used to...266
Sure she does! I haven't used a rod in years, just send her out to the waters and she takes care of it for me!264
This is my humble little hideaway! Plenty of fish around to sustain a man like me, with the help of my trusty cormorant.229
Oh, this? This is my trusty old fish sack!81
Yeah, fish sack! I might sell you one if you've found any of those pearls around here.80
Now that is a biggun! How she managed to wrangle one like that I'll never know.69
I'll give you a hundred pearls for it. What do you say?67
If you don't want it, I could take it off your hands for a few of those pearls!57
Just come back and let me know when you get tired!56
Pleasure doing business with you!50
No surprises there! Your type never have been cut out for it.15
These birds can be a lot of work... I'm not sure you could handle them, let alone to catch a fish!10
Well, let me know if you change your mind.6
As you wish.1