Hello, if you've something important to tell me, be out with it! I'm a busy woman.4
How very nice of you. However, I'm sure there are less busy people who'd love to chat.2
Chin up love and go adventure, that's what you lot do right?2
Ah, I suppose I am.2
Why should I tell you anything? Those are private matters of the late royal family! It wouldn't be proper to divulge such information to an adventurer like you.2
Yes, how did you come across this? I'm fairly certain it was destroyed... At least, I recall seeing a man removing the pages...2
Well, I suppose if you've already nosily rifled through the princesses personal memoirs, I can tell you a little more.2
Well, if I were you I'd keep shush on the whole matter.2
You must be new here. When the king died, everyone assumed the princess would take the throne when she came of age.2
Indeed, and poor young Rose was shipped off and labelled as crazy. 2
I do very much miss her, but one can't change the past.2
I'm sorry adventurer, but what does this prove exactly? For all you know someone else wrote this to mislead you.2
If she did write this I'm afraid to say she must be mad after all.2
Are all adventurers as dense as you? If you were in danger, do you really think leaving a hidden message in an old lost book for any stranger to pick up is the best way to get help?2
Alright, spring the trap! Don't come crying to me when it all turns sour.2
Yes, yes, of course. Well, I'd be glad to hear of her being safe but perhaps you should heed the warning.2
Tread carefully.2
I'm Alyssa the housekeeper and this castle needs constant attention! I've enough trouble with the guards messing up my carpets without you adding to the problem.1
It's cut to fit! If I had a gold piece for everytime I was asked that question!1
Alright, believe what you like. I've a castle to clean.1