Answer this, please.1,407
Well done.1,405
Headman Ur-tag, I cannot stress enough how important it is that this train link be completed on time. The mining companies have taken out considerable loans...1,349
It will be the pinnacle of dwarven engineering! A great leap forward from the old steam-powered minecarts! A monument to the power and ingenuity of the Consortium!761
Perhaps now we can get this finished quickly and get on with laying the tracks.750
And it would be finished by now, except that they found some old goblin bones they want to dig up.643
Shh! What if he's a human spy come to steal our dwarven engineering secrets?90
I hope you're hurrying up with that archaeological dig. Every moment we wait wastes more of the Consortium's money!82
Shh! What if she's a human spy come to steal our dwarven engineering secrets?58
I wish you could work more quickly. The new train link is very important to the dwarven economy.25
Thank you for helping with the dig! Ur-tag tells me it will be finished soon, and then we will be able to resume work!16
Thank you again for helping us complete the train link. Further delays would have cost the Consortium a lot of money.7
Trade with the goblins is going well at the moment. It's a pity they don't seem as interested in our beer as in your food, though!6
I miss Keldagrim. This city is all very well, but no one makes an underground city like the dwarves!5
I can't stand these goblins sometimes! I come up with suggestions to make their city more efficient, and they just say it would spoil their precious way of life!5
Oh, and I hear you saved someone's life as well. Well done on that count too.5
It's funny... whenever we dwarves have ventured onto the surface, we've found ourselves at war with the goblins there.2