Not that I remember.1,131
Well Shayzien was founded by those fleeing the Dragonkin Conflicts. And the city has never been short of heroes. There's a good chance she was from Shayzien.1,130
No but that's not surprising. Much of our history was lost during Xeric's reign. There is somewhere you might find answers though.1,128
The Shayzien Crypts. They were built before the kingdom even existed. Some of the oldest Shayzien heroes are buried there.1,126
I'm afraid so. For hundreds of years, the crypts have been overrun by the dead. We've tried clearing them out but they just come back again.1,125
They're zombies, not ghosts. You'll find the entrance to the crypts in the Graveyard of Heroes, south of our chapel. Be careful.1,124
Greetings and welcome to my seed shop. Do you want to buy some seeds?421
Hello. Do you need something?51
I'm sure we've already spoken about this.21
The most likely place to find answers is the Shayzien Crypts. You'll find the entrance in the Graveyard of Heroes, south of our chapel. Be careful, it's filled with zombies.18