Let me out!1,107
-- You manage to squeeze Ana into the barrel, -- -- despite her many complaints. -- I djont fit in dis bawwel... Wet me out!!1,106
You creep!1,086
Let me out of here, I feel sick!1,080
Yes you did you ignoramus.923
-- You show Irena the barrel with Ana in it. -- Hey great, there's my Mum!919
Why you cheeky....!915
-- Ana looks pretty angry, she starts shouting at you. -- Get me out of here! Do you hear me! Get me OUT OF HERE I say!449
There isn't enough space for both you and this barrel in the cart.68
-- Ana looks out of the barrel -- Hey great, we're at the Shantay Pass!27
You drop the barrel on the floor, Ana gets out.21
-- You can't teleport while holding the barrel, it's just too difficult to concentrate. --9
You can't drop me here! I'll die in the desert on my own. Take me to the Shantay pass near Al-Kharid.3