Adventurer? I am no mere Adventurer, I am Andros Mai, brother of the Holy Order of Saradomin. You would do well to greet me with respect.804
I wouldn't have expected someone of your... stature to know of me.759
Tell me, what do you know of the vile Vet'ion?705
Vet'ion was a devout follower of the heretical god Zamorak. It is the will of my order and my duty as a follower of the true god Saradomin to end his tyranny.699
After many years in my order's libraries, I stumbled upon an old tome which mentioned Vet'ion's final resting place, which I believe to be his source of power.626
I have no fear of Vet'ion!625
His very existence is an insult to my lord Saradomin and I will not suffer it to exist any longer.610
This conversation is over! Leave me before I lose my temper.596
I am merely meditating and preparing for the battle. I need to focus my mind before going out to find his resting place.564
You challenged him and came out unscathed? Impossible.200