I am the Apothecary. I brew potions. Do you need anything specific?9,232
Wonderful, let me see!1,119
Huzzah! You have an airtight pot! Wonderful! Ok, let me get some breathing salts into this thing for you!1,118
That's great! Many thanks's your breathing salts!1,118
That Unferth! Honestly, I have been to see him more times than my Mother's hair has fallen out!1,114
Easy, make sure you are dressed in white robes and take one of these hats to wear.1,104
Well done.1,103
Then all you need to do is give him a vial of water and he'll take it thinking it's a cure potion.1,088
Very well done. This is for you.1,068
As I said I'm the apothecary not the vet.1,041
I'm quite the expert, excuse me.1,041
I think I can help you with that. Try me.1,039
Not Pox, what a personality. I remember... Hang on no, I have no time for dilly dallying. 1,037
Well cats are simple enough to treat. Just bring me a bucket of milk, some ground unicorn horn and a leaf of marrentill.1,037
Quick, get this to Jack. If I know the man at all, he wouldn't have sent someone else to do this if his cat wasn't seriously ill.1,037
Phew! Here is what you need.1,021
Do you have the ingredients for the potion?990
Cadava potion. It's pretty nasty. And hard to make.986
Excellent. Hand them over and I'll mix the potion.952
A simple herbal remedy containing vodka. Lots of vodka.931
You'd be amazed at the nonsense these pirates believe! I'll let you in on a little secret, there is no magical potion to save you from the sea's wrath!929
Two bottles of vodka and an unfinished marrentill potion, I already have everything else I require.929
Aha! Don't tell me... You want a potion of sealegs?925
I've no idea really, this pot was a family heirloom. I guess you'd have to get a new one made?796
You could try Tassie Slipcast over at the Barbarian Village. She's a potter there and may be able to make one. But mind, it has to be air tight.795
It's quite simple. Unferth is what we call a hypochondriac; he isn't ill but he thinks he is. All you need to do is convince him you are a Doctor or a Nurse and give him a potion to make him 'better'.783
Wing of rat, tail of frog. Ear of snake and horn of dog.736
I know just the thing that will sort Pox out.733
Wonderful, I'd really appreciate it!722
Oh, yes, breathing salts...erm, just let me look around. I'm sure I have some around here somewhere.715
Oh blimey...I've dropped the pot and smashed it!713
Oh no, you don't understand. They're ruined. They're supposed to be kept in an airtight container and this was my last one. 713
Yep, here they are....712
No problem!711
There you go! There's your herbal tincture!711
No problem, pleased to help.709
No, I can..I can order plenty, but they'll lose their effectiveness. I need an airtight pot to keep them in.707
I suppose he'd need a smaller dose than Juliet did, yes. She's a healthy young woman in the prime of her life, while he's been around for decades.678
That's very clever. I hope you've got a real feeling of pride and satisfaction from that.669
You will have to find them while I get the rest ready. Bring them here when you have them. But be careful. They are nasty.658
Look, if you bring me the ingredients, I'll make you the potion. It's not going to save your crew from sea curses, of course, but it'll certainly put their fears to rest!658
I have all that, but I need some Cadava berries.652
I can't order any more in until I have a new airtight container. And they were a top selling item as well.559
Well, I'm sure you remember the drill. I'll supply the wing of rat, tail of frog, ear of snake and horn of dog... and you need to bring me some Cadava berries.543
Do you want to trade the diary yet? I'd like to pass the information on to the scientific community in Varrock.338
Ok, that's all I can teach you. Many thanks for the diary.327
Well done. You have the berries.131
Go and see Tassie Slipcast in the Barbarian Village about making an airtight pot for me to store my breathing salts in, then you can take some for Horvik.116
I do indeed. I gave it to my mother. That's why I now live alone.97
No problem, I get plenty of these from Gielinor Hospital Supplies.93
Ok then. Try this potion. Do you need anything else?87
I smashed the pot which held them, remember?82
But can I do something for you?82
Sorry, charity is not my strong point. Do you need anything else?72
No problem, I'll just rustle up another one for you.65
Sad about that affair with young Romeo and Juliet...52
You need to bring me 2 bottles of vodka and an unfinished marrentill potion.41
What are you giving me those for? I didn't ask you to get that.40
Have you been to 'cure' Unferth by dressing up in white robes, wearing the hat and giving him a vial of water?40
I hear every time Romeo sees Juliet now he runs away screaming something about ghosts and Juliet's cousin?40
Always did think he was a bit of a strange one...38
I think I saw some recently in the local vicinity. Oh yes, that's right! There was a little bit of commotion when some kids visited the south eastern Varrock mining pit. The trip was disrupted because some kids36
Anyway! Life goes on and so does business! Can I do something for you?36
Why yes, here are some energy potions.35
If you have the ingredients, I am able to make potions for you.33
had found some cadavaberry bushes and they started picking them. They wrapped that trip up pretty quickly!30
Keep searching for those Cadavaberries. They're needed for the potion.30
Is there anything else I can do for you?26
Since you are a member, I'll give you even more potions.22
You need to get some marrentill before we can proceed.20
Have you got the Cadava berries for the old man's potion?19
They're a nice bright pink colour, with green leaves, stalks are a pale brown can't miss them. They look pretty tasty, but I wouldn't advise eating them.18
Only that spot cream. Hope you enjoy it. Do you need anything else?18
Well I hear young Romeo's having a little woman trouble but other than that all's quiet on the eastern front. Can I do something for you?18
Hmm, they're generally okay, but if handled improperly they can be a bit nasty. And I certainly wouldn't advise drinking the potion!16
I have no plans to branch out into cat potions at the moment, but if there was sufficient demand for them I might change my mind.13
I understand...they're all barbarians over there.13
You mentioned something about Horvik, weren't you supposed to take those breathing salts and that herbal tincture to him?11
What are you hanging around here for? You've got the anti poison, so give it to Jack. Quick.11
How goes the expedition?11
Oh! Well, good luck!11
You need to get a bucket of milk before we can proceed.10
Don't tell me you've lost the potion!10
I do have more rewards for you, but you need to be on a members world for me to give you the reward. Maybe there is something else I can help you with.9
That's a relief. I can make more, but it'd feel like a waste of snake ears and dog horns. People don't understand how hard it is to get dog horns.9
No, I can... I can order plenty, but they'll lose their effectiveness. I need an airtight pot to keep them in.8
Why yes, here is your reward.7
You need to get some ground unicorn horn before we can proceed.7
You're welcome. I hope it helps that young couple find happiness.7
Blimey... you've been out for hours! Are you ok? People were tripping over you as they walked into the shop.5
I don't need those any more.3
You need to get a bucket of milk and some marrentill before we can proceed.2
Hmm... it appears that you have no space for the hat.2
Hmm, this is an interesting tome... Herbi Flax, yes, I'm familiar with his work... I wondered where he'd gotten to.2
Hmm, it looks like he's made some sort of serum to counteract the effects of an existing disease. Hmm, it looks like he uses the academic name for ashes, Fyrneght.2
The writing is a little involved, but it looks like the serum is just a simple combination of tarromin and ashes, in a vial of water of course.2
When you've finished with that diary, I'd be happy to take it off your hands and give you some training in herblore in return.2
Hmm, this is an interesting tome... But you've already sold me one, thanks!1
What are you giving me those for? I've already given you a Cadava potion.1
Well, it looked ok initially, but it doesn't seem to have been made correctly. Maybe you've been sold a duff one? Perhaps the person who made it hadn't been shown how to make it properly? If it were up to me, I'd1
You need to get a bucket of milk and some ground unicorn horn before we can proceed.1
Did you bring more Cadava berries?1
I will be able to give you your reward when you have some space for it.1
Can I help you with anything else?1