Cleaning, cleaning, always cleaning. This apprenticeship isn't all that it was cracked up to be.1,088
Oh, Aadeela, the sorceress upstairs, said she'd teach me magic, she did. And here I am scrubbing floors without a spell to help me.1,068
Nope. Clean this, clean that. When I'm finished cleaning here I have to go help out in the garden.789
Oh, I shouldn't have told you.788
You know you're right. Nobody listens to me.756
Yes, if I just let my frustrations out, I'd feel a lot better. Now what was I saying?741
By magic! The sorceress did teach me one spell.722
Oh, it's nowhere.721
Well it's here, but not really. You see the sorceress is trying out some new type of compression magic.721
Oh yeah, that dreadful garden of hers.720
It would take too long to explain and, to be honest, I don't really understand how it works.719
Okay, here goes! Remember, to return, just drink from the fountain.602
You wouldn't mind?601
I can't do that now, I'm far too busy sweeping.537
No, no, she'd kill me or worse if she knew I was using Magic to do chores. Her last apprentice - well I'd rather not say.230
They say she turned them into little spiders.225
Okay, here goes - and remember, to return just drink from the fountain.126
Oh, I'm sorry, could you pick up your follower first? I'm really not sure that I could teleport the both of you.98
Well, if you don't mind then, I'm busy and have to get back to work.22