Unusual... This object doesn't appear right...1,055
Really, you do find the most unusual items. I know what this is it's a strong chemical called ammonium nitrate. Why you want this I'll never know...1,054
Can I help you at all?1,050
This is a VERY dangerous liquid called nitroglycerin. Be careful how you handle it. Don't drop it or it will explode!1,049
Where did you get this?1,048
From the markings on it, it seems to be a ceremonial ornament to a god named...779
It seems the followers of Saradomin have tried to cover up the evidence of the Zaros altar. This whole city must have been built over it!768
This is an amazing discovery! All this while we were convinced that no other race had lived here.759
There is some strange writing embossed upon it - it says, 'Zaros will return and wreak his vengeance upon Zamorak the pretender.'746
Still, I wonder what this is doing around here. I'll tell you what; as you have found this, I will allow you to use the private dig shafts.743
Thanks for your help; your sharp eyes have spotted what many have missed. Here, take this gold as your reward.741
I wonder what it means by that? Some silly superstition, probably.706
...Zaros? I haven't heard much about him before. This is a great discovery; we know very little of the pagan gods that people worshipped.704
You obviously have a keen eye. Take this letter and give it to one of the workmen, and they will allow you to use them.693
I wonder... Let me check my guide... Could it be? Surely not!654
Oh, hello. I hope you're getting on well in the dig shafts.496
That's right, who wants to know...?469
Hello there, %USERNAME%!463
You spoke to the legendary Asgarnia Smith??? Quickly, let me see what he had to give you! He is always at the forefront of archaeological breakthroughs!452
This... this is fascinating! These cuneiforms seem to predate even the settlement we are excavating here... Yes, yes, this is most interesting indeed!448
Well, I am not familiar with this particular language, but the similarities inherent in the pictographs seem to show a prevalent trend towards a syllabary consistent with the phonemes we have discovered in this excavation!448
Well, unfortunately this is the only example of this particular language I have ever seen, but I might be able to make a rough translation, of sorts...447
There you go, that book contains the sum of my translating ability. If you would be so kind as to take that back to Asgarnia, I think it will reassure him that he is on the439
What can I say? It's a skill I picked up through my many years of taking field notes!435
Okay, give it to me and I'll have a look for you.415
right track for a find of great archaeological importance!407
It might be slightly obscure on the finer details, but it should be good enough to understand the rough meaning of what was originally written. Please, just wait a moment, I will write up what I can357
translate into a journal for you. Then you can take it back to Asgarnia, I think he will be extremely interested in the translation!357
Good day to you. My name is Terry Balando; I am an expert on digsite finds.293
Ah yes, I recognise you! You're the fellow who found that strange artefact about Zaros for the museum, aren't you? What can I do for you now?273
I am employed by the museum in Varrock to oversee all finds at this digsite. Anything you find must be reported to me.244
Hello again. I am now studying this mysterious altar and its inhabitants. The markings are strange...198
It refers to a god I have never heard of before, named Zaros. It must be some pagan superstition.168
That was a great find; who knows what other secrets lie buried beneath the surface of our land...153
Of course! Let's see now... Rock picks are for splitting rocks or scraping away soil; you can get one from a cupboard in the Education Centre.139
Ah yes, I recognise you! You're the lass who found that strange artefact about Zaros for the museum, aren't you? What can I do for you now?139
I think you'll find them scattered about pretty much everywhere, but I know you can get one from a cupboard somewhere in the Education Centre, just like the rock pick!135
We have a bit of a shortage of those at the moment. You could try borrowing one from a workman on the site... but I don't think they'd give it willingly.132
Ahh... that you must earn by passing your exams! The examiner holds those.131
I don't think that has any archaeological significance130
Yes, indeed; I am studying the lives of the settlers. During the end of the third age there used to be a great city at the site.88
Its inhabitants were humans supporters of the god Saradomin. It's not recorded what happened to the community here.66
Hello again. Was that translation any use to Asgarnia?52
I suspect nobody has lived here for over a millennium!44
Whyever not? You're the strangest delivery boy I've ever met!23
Seriously, I think you have a death wish! What on earth are you going to do with that stuff?20
Nitroglycerin! This is a dangerous substance. This is normally mixed with other chemicals to produce a potent compound.19
Be sure not to drop it! That stuff is highly volatile...19
Hmm, that looks dangerous. Handle it carefully and don't drop it!16
Whyever not? You're the strangest delivery girl I've ever met!16
What have you concocted now? Just be careful when playing with chemicals!15
Good, let me know if you find anything unusual.15
Then... you better go get them for me?13
Good that's three; I can exchange them for normal gold now. You can get this refined and make a profit!12
Yes, many parts are discovered. The inhabitants of these parts were great potters.8
No, no, silly. They were known for their skill with clay.8
Oh, an old tooth. It looks like it has come from a mighty being. Pity there are no tooth fairies around here!6
I can't do much with these nuggets yet. Come back when you have 3 and I will exchange them for you.6
What a shame it's cracked; this looks like it would have been a good sample.5
Let me see... This is a belt buckle. Not so unusual - I should imagine it came from a guard.5
It looks like the wearer of this fought a mighty battle.3
I can't believe it! I go to all the effort of writing you a letter of recommendation and you lose it! Here, I'll write another... Don't lose it again!3
No you haven't! You have one in your pack!3
How unusual. This armour doesn't seem to match with the other finds. Keep looking.2
No doubt this arrow was shot by a strong warrior it's split in half! It is not a valuable object though.1
Look at this... Interesting... This appears to belong to a cleric of some kind; certainly not a follower of Saradomin, however.1
I wonder if there was another civilization here before the Saradominists?1
Hello there, RB8T2n8c2RT2!1