So what did Terry Balando say about those etchings? Did he give you a translation for me?484
Howdy stranger. What brings you out to these parts?454
Did you take a read of this? It will do you good to understand how this profession works. Here, have a read.451
Well, it's funny you should say that. I'm not sure if I would really call it a quest as such, but I found this ancient stone tablet in one of my excavations, and it would really help me out if you439
His name's Terry Balando. Give it to nobody but him. I'm sorry, I can't entrust you with the actual tablet I found, it is far too valuable to give away, but I took these etchings - they should be enough for him to make424
could go and take it back to the digsite for me and get it examined.370
a preliminary translation on. Come back and let me know what he says, I would hate to waste my time excavating anything that isn't worth my time as a world famous archaeologist!358
Uh... yes, but the way you said it makes it sound like I'm doing something wrong...333
That's right!329
Hmmm. Interesting. It seems to me like there's some kind of treasure hidden out in the desert.322
Yeeees... An archaeologist...318
It's very old, and I don't recognise any of the inscriptions on it.313
Excellent. Just give me a moment to read this, and talk to me again in a second.310
So what do you say? Fancy being a treasure hunter like me?289
You head due South, see what you can find out about this tablet.280
I'll continue searching around here in this Bedabin Camp, you head due South to the Bandit Village. If either of us find anything, we'll come find each other and say what, okay?275
Do you see where I'm going with this?275
So what do you say? Partners?274
It's all this hot sun getting to me I think.269
argument thirty percent split...267
Let's also say, purely hypothetically, that if there were such a big stash of treasure and someone were to help me find it, then that hypothetical person might be entitled to, oh, let's say a purely for the sake of263
A purely for the sake of argument fifty-fifty split on this hypothetical treasure, should it exist...258
all over to the Museum of Varrock.255
Well anyway, let's just assume there is a treasure hidden in the desert somewhere, and let's just say for the sake of argument that maybe if I found a big stash of gold and treasure I wouldn't necessarily just hand it248
Good lad! Well, if we split up we'll be able to find treasure quicker.226
Good girl! Well, if we split up we'll be able to find treasure quicker.115
Hello again. You find any signs of that treasure yet?96
So... no gold then?50
Aw... I was hoping to go abroad on holiday this year.49
Maybe I'll go check out Karamja next, I hear there's treasure to be found there...47
Well, that's where you'd be wrong. I work for the Archaeological Society of Varrock, and have been excavating around here recently. 24
Diamonds of Azzanadra? That sounds very promising indeed!23
Nope, never heard of them before, but you said diamonds! Diamonds are always promising!23
Was there something you specifically wanted?21
And did you?20
Well, head south to that bandit camp. I bet if there's anything out here, they'll know about it.19
Well could you go and get me that translation? It could be vital!18
Hey, thanks kid. Looking snazzy is an important part of being a treasure hunter!16
Don't let on it might be valuable though! Those thieves will steal it as soon as look at you!15
Hey, sure thing kid! Well, this one time I found this spooky old temple in the middle of the jungle.13
All the while, knowing that if I died in this spot nobody would even know where I was...12
Well, while he was screaming and waving his sword around, I stood behind a nearby stalactite, then shot him with my shortbow.12
I see.12
I knew, if this tribesman killed me, that would be the end of Asgarnia Smith, and all of his treasure hunting...11
And that was how I recovered the Golden Monkey of Tee-Ta-Toh.11
The entrance was hidden from sight by all these vines and stuff, and it was full of zombies and crazy tribesmen and stuff.11
That wasn't the worst thing though! There were all these crazy traps that were hidden around the place too!11
Well anyway, I found the secret entrance, fought my way in through the zombies and tribesmen, and came to a big pedestal with a statue of solid gold sat on top of it!11
That's right! It was a cunning trap though! As soon as I picked up the statue, a trapdoor opened up underneath me, and I fell into a darkened room, full of11
Well, while he was screaming at me, and swinging his sword around in front of me, trying to intimidate me before attacking, I cooly and calmly...11
Hmmm. Well, okay a deal is a deal. Hand two of them over.11
Well, you're going to have to clear some junk out of your inventory before I hand this over.11
bones, and the biggest meanest tribesman you ever did see!10
Hello again. How's the treasure hunting going?10
What? But you've been gone ages!10
C'mon, you can be square with me, you must have found more treasure than just four measly diamonds by now!10
REALLY? Great, I love treasure!10
Don't worry about two measly diamonds if you think they'll lead to something better!10
I don't usually get out of bed for less than a hundred gold certs!10
Thinking of joining your pal Asgarnia in the wonderful world of treasure hun- um, archaeology, huh?9
Well, it all started the day I was fishing in catherby, funnily enough.9
In my fishing nets, I had found an ancient casket, marred and worn by centuries underwater!9
What valuable heirloom may have been dredged up by my nets that had not decayed underwater long ago...9
I found 320 coins! Just like that! Just by fishing I had found 320 coins! 320 coins! Can you believe it?9
Well, it might not seem much to us now kid, but back then, it was a revelation!9
Why waste my time fishing when there were secret treasures from long ago hidden around the world?9
Huge he was, and real ugly looking! He had this huge sword too, and he came running towards me screaming something in some language I didn't understand!9
You don't recognise me??? I am the world famous Asgarnia Smith, Archaeologist extraordinaire!9
Well what are you waiting for? A written invitation? All I want you to do is take those etchings up to the digsite for me!9
I am the one who discovered the long forgotten Temple of Ikov! The one who unearthed the strange trap filled arena in Brimhaven!8
Well then, I'm confused. Why did you come over and speak to me if you don't know who I am? What do you want?8
Ah yes, I remember it well... I was just sat there, hoping to catch a bass or two, when I made the most amazing discovery!7
With trembling hands, I slowly and cautiously opened it, wondering what ancient secret may have been kept inside...7
And you know what I found inside?7
I immediately applied to the Museum of Varrock as a field agent, and the rest is history!7
I'm the leading archaeological expert of our time! I was voted archaeologist of the year four years running by the Varrock Herald! Are you REALLY sure you've never heard of me?6
Uh-huh. Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot more work to do before I can bed down for the night.3
Ah, don't sweat it kid. I'll be honest with ya - I'm already rich many times over, and its more the kicks of being a treasure hunter I do it for than the actual cash!3
Aw, c'mon, cut me a break here man! Look, nobody is really getting hurt, right? This treasure is either going to lie around in some underground ruin, or lie around in some museum for2
people to look at!2
It makes sense for the people to go to all the risk to get a little payback for it, right? Besides, anything of real historical value we can hand over to the museum - we'll just keep the cash for2
C'mon... what do you say? Partners?2
Well how in the world did you do that? (sigh) Okay, I'll make another set, but try not to lose these ones this time!2
Eh, you'll come running back when you realise just how much money we could be talking here.1
I'll see you again when you come crawling back, begging to be cut in on the deal.1