Woo? Woo wooooooooo!193
What are you doing in my coffin? Leave this holy place at once!23
Me? I am the Archpriest who was responsible for the running of this place! I am impressed that you managed to reach my resting place on the lowest level.18
The intention was that they should've been impossible to pass. I should know. After all, it was I who was responsible for overseeing the safeguarding of this place.16
I'm not sure if I should say... I wouldn't want to compromise the trust that the Justiciar of the Unicorn has in me. Afterall, we did what we did for the safety of Hallowvale.16
I see... So we lost then? In that case, I suppose it doesn't hurt to tell you after all.15
One day the justiciar sent word to me that I should begin work on securing the Sepulchre. He feared an invasion from the followers of the Dark Lord.14
Yes, I do. The justiciar said he was going to confront these forces but that I should stay to protect the secrets within this place. I wish I could have joined him on the battlefield. I carried out my duties though.14
As we progressed further, we became more experienced at creating the traps. Each one was more deadly than the last.14
Finally, I did the same for myself. The knowledge of how to disarm the traps died with us.14
No, I think at that point most of us were already dead. We died knowing that we sacrificed ourselves for the good of holy Saradomin and the justiciars who follow him.14
I am glad adventurer. Perhaps that information will allow my spirit to pass on peacefully soon.14
I never told the others what was really happening. Day by day we worked our way down to the final floor.13
Eventually, when our work was done, I performed the last rites for each of my followers and sealed them within the coffins on the final floor.13
Woo wooo?8