Why yes I am. How can I help you?885
Possibly. What might this statue be?885
Of course I will help you. You are referring of course to the statue that was destroyed in the storm. How large were you thinking?885
Hmm if it's really big, then my skills are limited to feet, legs and robes on big statues.884
Until we have architects skilled in all areas of the statue, we cannot proceed.144
I am preparing. I will be there shortly.85
Truly a testament to a great King. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.70
I am an architect. I designed and built many of the buildings in Arceuus using magic.64
It is an honour to serve my city in such a way. Now, I am very busy, please leave.64
I am.10
You are not favoured by the people of Arceuus. Now, if you don't mind, I have things to think about.10
Thriving thank you. Since working on that statue, everyone wants a miniature and my business is on a firm footing!2