Hello! Would you like to trade?3,048
Wonderful...well the weather report is slightly unspecific, but I feel much better anyway for getting it. Hopefully now the Seers will take some responsibility if my ships go down to the bottom of the ocean.1,079
Fantastic...let's see it!1,078
Yes, I use it to make deliveries to my customers up and down the coast. These crates here are all ready for my next trip.1,013
Well done, matey!997
I'll get one of my associates to take some T.R.A.S.H to your Gnome Glider Pilot friend on White Wolf mountain. Once again, many thanks for your help.769
Oh yes, well it won't be the first time...but just so I'm sure can you explain what you mean?753
Well, I've done a lot of research into Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawsers and it seems to have paid off, but answer me this one question. Why are you asking me about this rather than the Gnome?751
Hmm, really, is that so? Well, I do have some Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawser and I'll let you have some if you do me just one small favour.751
I just need you to pop along to Seers Village and ask those philosophers of foresight for a weather report. I believe a new seer there called Phantuwti can help you.750
I'm funding a rather expensive trade run to Brimhaven soon and I want to be sure that the weather isn't going to change and cause my ships any trouble. 749
No, this really is a quick thing and shouldn't take you longer than a few minutes.748
That's great, many thanks.746
Yes, I do have orders to deliver there from time to time. I think I may have some bits and pieces for them when I leave here next actually.732
The last thing I need is a load of goods going straight to the bottom of the ocean.548
I don't think Sir Mordred would like that. He wants as few outsiders visiting as possible. I wouldn't want to lose his business.487
Oh, various places up and down the coast. Mostly Karamja and Port Sarim.222
Sorry pal, but I'm afraid I'm not quite ready to sail yet.169
I'm waiting on a big delivery of candles which I need to deliver further along the coast.161
Hey, you gotta take business where you can find it these days! Besides, if I didn't supply them, someone else would.129
Hey buddy! Get away from my ship alright?114
Business is going reasonably well... I wouldn't say I was the richest of merchants ever, but I'm doing fairly well all things considered.45
Thanks buddy!31
Many thanks for bringing me the weather report, one of my associates has taken some T.R.A.S.H to your Gnome Glider Pilot friend on White Wolf mountain. Once again, many thanks for your help.30
Go to Seers Village and ask the new chap there, Phantuwti, for a weather report...then I'll give you the Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawser.12