What do we do now?977
If you hadn't got drunk in that inn, Signy, we could have stayed there for longer.977
Hey! I have to write down what's happened.972
Otherwise father won't believe me when I tell him.972
If only my father would come and save us.966
What if it's the monster again? What if it's one of the townspeople?965
Someone's coming!963
What if my father's found out what we've been doing?963
H-hey! Where am I going to hide?959
You want me to hit you?949
Don't bother me!942
I said, don't bother me!938
I'm being a rock at the moment.938
What did you hear?937
What? How did you get it? Give it back!936
Why should I tell you? We're going to do really well and show my father that we're true adults!932
What the-931
Did you read my diary?930
What are you even doing in these caves anyway? Everyone else was scared to come down here.929
It was Beigarth's idea, not mine!925
You're the REGENT?924
Um, you four, I think you'd better come out now. We're in big trouble.924
Thank you so much. You've saved us from the brink of death.921
PLEASE don't tell my father how badly we messed up.920
He said that if we disguised ourselves as soldiers, we could convince both the King and Queen that they were under attack. And it almost worked, too.680
I don't care about the plan. If you can get rid of that sea snake, we'll be really grateful to you.646
Could I ask you for one more thing?645
We can't even get out of these dungeons while it's there.631
So, will you get rid of that sea snake?631
And we'd planned it so well, too.260