And to you. Can I help you?431
Certainly! Skillcapes are a symbol of achievement. Only people who have mastered a skill and reached level 99 can get their hands on them and gain the benefits they carry.399
The Cape of Ranging has been modified by Ava to function as one of her accumulator devices. Is there anything else I can help you with?368
Indeed, cast your eyes on my wares, adventurer.168
Most certainly, and free of charge!53
I am a supplier of leather armours and accessories. Ask and I will tell you what I know.25
Very good, adventurer.14
Ah yes we have a new range of accessories in stock. Essential items for an archer like you.10
We have vambraces, chaps, cowls and coifs.8
I have normal, studded and hard types.4
As you wish.4
As you wish, traveller.3
The cowl is a soft leather hat, ideal for protection with maneuverability.3
These are highly favoured with our guards.3
Indeed, leather armour is excellent for archers. It's supple and not very heavy.2
Ah, now that's leather covered with studs. It's more protective than ordinary leather.2
Hard leather is specially treated using oils and drying methods to create a hard-wearing armour.2
Ah yes, vambraces. These useful items are for your arms.2
A protective sheath that favours the bow and arrow. An essential purchase.2
Chaps have two functions: firstly to protect your legs, and secondly for ease of reloading arrows.2
I can highly recommend these to you for quick archery.2
The coif is a specialized cowl, that has extra chain protection to keep your neck and shoulders safe.2
An excellent addition to our range, traveller.2