Thank you very much.74
What can I do for you, friend?36
What do you want, human?27
No thanks. My colleagues and I have to be careful about the people with whom we do business.15
No thanks. Try asking my colleagues - we all coordinate equipment of different tiers, and you may be able to help one of them instead.12
All the equipment you've brought is the wrong tier. I deal with tier 5 equipment. Try asking my colleague instead.10
You're a decent miner and smith, so yes. The Shayzien armies always need supplies of armour, and the artisans of Lovakengj are responsible for supplying it. I'll explain what I need...5
Bring as much as you like - the Shayzien armies always want more.5
I coordinate the supply of equipment for the Shayzien armies. The Shayzien forces protect our Kingdom from all types of threat, so it's a very important business.3
You don't have any suitable equipment for me. I need you to mine lovakite ore, smelt it into bars, then smith tier 5 Shayzien kit from the bars.3
My job is to coordinate tier 5 equipment. That's the best stuff, for their chief officers and elite fighters.2
The people round here are great at mining and smithing, but not so good at fighting, so we depend on the Shayzien armies for protection from anything invading the city.2